Thursday, January 15, 2015

Crazy weather

I shocked a few people today.

I wore my coat.

Yep. I'm one of those stubborn people, well, really more set to doing things in certain patterns and it can be rare to break out of them. Except when there's a good reason.

I've been going into work in scarf, rainhat, jacket and gloves since coming back in. That means it can get a bit chilly at the bus stop but I'm usually moving around so ... It's a balance of being cold when not moving and boiling when I am walking around. I tend to generate a lot of heat when I'm walking, especially now that I'm getting close to having my full walking speed available again.

How is the physical condition doing ?

The neck's improved. I'm liking that. What did I do ? I lowered the monitor at work by maybe an inch. So instead of looking up at it and cricking the neck, it's at about the right height for me now. Little things can make a big difference.

My hip still hates me. The damage is in a ligament connecting the front of my right hip to the thigh bone/muscles. Could be the tendons. It's an old injury that I kept reinjuring with the cricket as I never really sorted out a way of adequately warming it up. I have like 95% movement, enough for walking fast and warp speed running but if I cross my legs, I may scream. I may need a hip replacement by the time I'm fifty. Uncomfortable but it doesn't slow me down much.

My calf muscles aren't liking the walking - it's a combination of blasting through the walk quickly and the cold outside. They're not liking that but I'm taking the pain as a sign that they're reconfiguring themselves for the power that they've forgotten they had.

And my outsides are ... pretty much as they were. They are very slowly improving but it's so easy to set that healing back with an unguarded fidget.

Wait - crazy weather ?

Here's today's outfit :
See ! I can smile on a selfie. Ok, it was forced but at least it's not the grimace that was on the last scarf selfie.

The outfit is the Rotherham scarf, white jumper over work shirt. My work suit jacket is hiding under my coat (I deliberately got a big coat because I intended it as an overcoat) and it's topped off by the Atomic Hat.

Atomic Hat doesn't do much to keep the rain off but it does have a much appreciated thermal lining. Love it. And the International Space Station tweeted that they could see some muppet walking around down here. Ok they didn't but you know what I mean - that hat can be seen from Bath and I live in Bristol.

We are having some silly weather at the moment. Today was the first day I've worn the Atomic Hat since coming back after Xmas. It's literally so windy, if I put the rain hat on, the wind would have fetched it off by the time I'd walked 5 paces.

Literally 5 minutes after taking that picture, the clouds had moved in and it was Pitch Black (I may watch those as my next series !), howling wind and very heavy rain. Thankfully without the monsters of Pitch Black although it was an hour after the school run had finished.

We haven't had the promised snow here in Bristol, we tend to be shadowed by Wales and Ireland, the North of the country and Devon and Cornwall. So the snow dumps on other areas before it reaches us. And then there's work, which generates enough hot air to melt away any snow that gets to our local area. Come on work people, you'll know what I mean there. (PS This is why there's rarely snow in London).

I am lucky though, I have that roof over my head and a heater that works. That makes me better off than so many other people. It's sobering to think about that sometimes.

Wonder when it'll warm up enough to make the Midnight Cruise a realistic possibility. Must investigate local picnic sites as places away from light pollution where we can see the stars.

And you remember what I said about getting messages from a certain Little Lady ? Had lots of those today.

Happy Sleepy is Happy.

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