Monday, January 05, 2015

Back to work

Felt strange diving back into work today.

One thing that made it a little different was remembering that we were picking up the pieces from our IT having disasters last year. There's three big ones at the moment :

The mail servers keep going down catastrophically. Like the server disappears and takes several days to become accessible again.

The phones don't work properly. A noticeable proportion (possibly even 1 in 4) calls just go to silence.

The videoteleconferencing service (which runs over network type comms) has been broken for a couple of months and it's not likely to be back up again for at least a month.

I'm not saying who runs the mail servers (gives the game away too much) but the phones and teleconference are supplied by BT. You'd think it's their core business and would have availabilities in the 99% area wouldn't you ? Well - I'm glad my home comms have nothing at all to do with BT ... (Virginmedia for cable TV and internet, 3 for my mobile).

So a lot of today was spent figuring out what was going on and picking up again. Ok, so not actually too much time spent doing that, it came back very quickly. I must be doing better mentally than after previous holidays.

And that's true - I'm in better shape (on the outsides at least) than I was after previous holidays since having the skin problem. My legs have been improving and I think my arms would too if I gave them chance. My big problem is that my daily cycle seems to be :

12midnight - bed time. (ish). But ...
12 to 4 am - try and get to sleep. Fail.
Fidget while trying to get to sleep. Damage arms more.
4am to 8am (ish) - fitful sleep.

Assess the damage when I wake up.

Work today was ok actually (with one big highlight) but I'm beat now. That's partly down to feeling a desperate need for a KFC which took me over to the Mall after work. I had a couple of sales targets : New TV, Portable speakers. I'll wait for the telly but bought a Cambridge Audio GO 2 for midnight cruises when we're looking at the stars, not driving.

(Wishful thinking possibly - but I hope I see Skye again soon !)

What was that big highlight from work today ? Actually - there were two :

Our Finance Angel is back ! So I manic-waved a hello as I was wandering past her desk. The Finance Angel is a lovely lady with a sublime personality.
Snow Queen ! She works directly one floor down from me now but sad to say, I don't have too many chances to visit. I did today, which saw me drawing smiles from Snow Queen smiles and natter.

Yep. It's a good day if I get to talk to Pretty Ladies.

Made a few of them chuckle too by showing them the Happy New Year Dragon :
Hope this is a happy and successful new year. I definitely won't be playing cricket (the inside of my legs and hips hate me now) but I'm hopeful I'll see the back of this skin problem and maybe even move on professionally and more importantly, personally.

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