Monday, November 24, 2014

Monday pics

After a quiet weekend ?

I usually need one of those after travelling up to see the mum & dad. It's the travelling. It's weird actually, I shouldn't get so drained when I visit them ... but I do. That was a pretty stressful weekend though. My dad's out of the hospital now, I'll give 'em a call later to see how he's doing.

Yep - restful weekend with not much energy output, just chillin' with music on the stereo, grand prix racing and recording catch up on the telly and lots of youtube vids on the pooter. No gaming, which is something I'm finding very strange, it's as if I'm mentally burnt out on the whole gaming thing.

I must channel my energies into something useful instead, like cleaning and clearing the house so it's ready for boarders instead of repelling them. Lots of work for the vacuum ...

Pics ?
I forgot my wallet this morning and was praying that someone brought in the donuts ... (I borrowed a tenner off one of my bosses, that sorted me out)

Actually, today it could have been just the coffee. It's turned cold here ... The temperature reported by the car was 1 to 2 degrees C and I think that cold actually triggered the pressure warning monitors on the tyres ... I.e. a little light came on which I needed to look up, happily that light went away by the time I got home. One mistake I won't make with this car is to wipe the inside of the windscreen, that seems to leave behind permanent smears. I have a hot windscreen blower thingy button that clears the screen pretty well.
Yeah - that summed me up today. Things hurt more as I'm getting older. But I'm still able to dodge the Pretty Ladies (question - why do I do that ? Dodge them I mean ?)
Which brings me to another plan thought up by a Pretty Lady - a midnight cruise. The idea comes from listening to the music on my phone in the car when I was dropping her off. I like that idea. Although I'd modify it to be : Cruise to spot in middle of nowhere, sit outside and watch the stars, natter to heart's content. And at this time of year, include a lot of blankets and thermos coffee for warmth ...
... and try to smile if you get disadvantaged by the snow. This car is the most powerful I've owned - 220bhp and, more important 500 thingys of torque, available at the rear wheels. That's a recipe for going backwards instead of forwards or even in circles if it gets icy.
And remember that. This is my philosophy at the moment and it's brightened by knowing at least one Pretty Lady likes to exchange messages with me. And that there's a bunch more who can never resist answering the Grin with a smile of their own.
Which is another great sentiment to live by. I have my flaws, where I'll freeze up and not be able to think of the right things to say. Or I'll get frustrated when I don't get a reply.

How come people think that's ok ? Not the reply thing but I do detect a "It's ok to be rude to Pete, he doesn't mind". Yes I do. I notice. And I really dislike it. And I'm definitely not mentioning any names there, it's just feeling I get different treatment from friends than they give their other friends. Weird.

Back to the pic - Yeah, I feel and look like I've been dragged through a thorn bush but I'm getting past the need to hide that by staying at home. I've been getting out more. I'm seeing my awkwardness as something to battle against and by getting in touch with a few Pretty Ladies, getting answering grins and generally reaching out to people more. I'm learning to see past the whole being ignored as :

If someone ignores me, that's their problem.
Should I let the frustration of being treated differently or being ignored bother me ? No.
My duty, is to keep being Me. And I like to think Me is a nice person.

One last pic ?
Saw that earlier. Had to nab it. I must get back into that Neverwinter Nights campaign, or the Baldur's Gate 1+2+TOB EPIC playthrough. Although there, it's not so much building the character as planning their progression to make the most unbeatable character possible.
Ok, ok - one more. I am proud of how that character turned out. It's Bashara the Troll Berserker, my first WoW tank. She's been retired for a long time now, last seen sailing off into the sunset in search of more adventure.

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