Friday, November 07, 2014

Interstellar Waterworks

I actually cried today.

Not sure how long it's been since that happened. It doesn't happen too often. I get to the verge of it and catch it before the blub happens.

Ok - back up a sec. What happened today ? (To put your mind at rest - nothing bad, apart from the slight tragedy of a Sleepy going to the movies on his own)

Normal working Friday, which means staying as long as I have to in order to keep the flexi in balance. That's not as bad as it sounds, as I'll stay nose to grindstone and finish things off before leaving - it's easier to do that than restart something half finished. And then it's off into the centre of Bristol.

It's the opening day of the Bristol German Xmas market today. The best bit is the munchie stands to be honest. Traditional German Bratwurst for Big Sausages. Perfect for lunch munchies.

They have a lot of merchant stands up too, selling mostly touristy tat and a hell of a lot of sweet stuff. You could put on a stone just by walking past the stands. I want to go to the Bath Xmas market as well now, that's much bigger. I've not been to that one for quite a few years.

Film ?

Interstellar is amazing. It matches Guardians of the Galaxy for best film of this year so far. Hell, possibly of the decade so far. The no-spoiler synopsis is that Planet Earth is dying and we need a Plan B. Conveniently, a wormhole has opened up in the outer solar system and we send people through the check it out and if necessary, recreate the human race on another planet.

The sciency bits are in there and they're believeable and understandable. All the characters will tug at your emotions in one way or another. Matthew McConaughey is the undisputed lead and it's his best movie yet, of the ones I've seen at least. The effects are stellar (sorry)

It's long but doesn't outstay its welcome (cough - AI - cough). In fact it keeps you guessing as to where the story is going all the way through.

And it made me cry. I'll not say why, except : Go see it to find out.

I'm not ashamed to admit that I could do with a big hug right now after seeing it and when I see it again, I'll be looking for someone's hand to hold.

I see those feels as a very good sign actually. I grew up squashing my emotions down and they didn't come to the surface very much. That's made me into a quite reserved person who didn't show much. I feel that's changing now (perhaps a consequence of Nose Job 1 ?).

The new feels are good feels. They're making me feel more connected to the world.

But by eck I could do with a hug at the moment. And someone to talk to.

I wonder how many times I'll see this one in the cinema ? Saw Guardians twice, I may see this one more given opportunities. I'll see it again with the Crazies on Monday but I think for more seeings, it'll be with someone asking me to come along with her.

So if you're Bristol area and want a buddy who will hold your hand all the way through this one, lemme know :-).

Gotta go now - will be hoping there's either :
A message waiting for me from the Pretty Cupid Lady or
Amusement to come from watching Little Miss Kim videos
And that'll cheer me up no end.

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