Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Brain fuzzed ... send pictures !

Ok, so I'm flagging a bit. It's been a busy few days and I'm not quite as young as I apparently look.

Oh and I apparently look better without my glasses on. That's way cool ! Nobody's told me that before and I can't really tell for myself. All I see in the mirror if I take my glasses off is a big white blur with two little black blurs for eyes. Perhaps I should look into lasers ...

Pictures ? Yep. More pictures.
An amazing little lady loved this when she saw the (Evil Fluffy Bitey Thing) design on Monday and if I end up at Comic Con at the weekend, I may well pick up one of these. It's from Genki-Gear and I didn't get one last time cos I ran out of space in my bag. Boo hiss. They have some amazing designs.

Political aside - I don't put too much current affairs here because you see it all on the news and are probably sick of it from there. But ... with a certain objectionable so and so who's just been denied entry to the UK, there's an issue.

It's nothing to do with the idiot moron jerk swine bastard. Yep, I think his ideas should be earning him a severe kicking but ... I also believe in Free Speech. Their message is objectionable but we should let them deliver it. No one's listening but our society is based upon allowing people, however objectionable, to give their messages. We don't have to listen but censorship is against all we stand for.

Yeah, I think he should have been let in to the UK. And I'd have been one of the people cheerfully sticking the boot in if I saw him trying his dubious tactics on anyone I saw. I cheered the lady on Skynews who had this exact same sentiment earlier. She called him an idiot but also disagreed with him being banned.

Think less of me for that if you will but please ... back the Free Speech ideal. Because censorship is just another step towards fundamentalism and telling people what they should be thinking, instead of people making their own decisions as to what they should believe.

It's exactly the same as when people put stuff on social media that you don't agree with. There's one of the WoW people who keeps unfriending me, he has an unhealthy obsession with Kurt Cobain. I don't agree with that obsession (focus on life and the living !) but I agree whole heartedly with his right to express his adoration for the Kurt.

Pictures ?
There should always be room for pictures of the two Old Men. Scruff (top) is long departed now but well remembered. (Anyone would remember those massive paws of his asking politely for that bacon sandwich you thought was your breakfast but really should have been Scruff's.) And Ben the Staffy is getting on a bit too now, as you can see from the grey hairs on his cheeks.
I've been described as loving before. I love people, even if it doesn't become apparent past my usual awkwardness. And that accounts for everyone. People who are friends and family. People from work. People who pop in here. And I'd love it if my new regulars would give me a wave :-)

I mentioned comic con earlier - there's another one coming in Birmingham this weekend. I may go ... More likely than not, although I could do with a restful weekend. (Where I'll get bored quickly). Ok, so it's maybe 50:50. But if one of those quiet, covert Bristolian lurkers would like to go with someone, put up a paw and it might persuade me :-)
So is hot chocolate. And this post is getting looong, so I'm going to check for a solution in my mugs by checking out the hot chocolate that jumped off the shelf and into my trolley yesterday.

Cya !
Ok. One more. This was Ben on Saturday when my sister and I headed home to pick up overnight stuff for dad while my mum & dad went to the hospital. Ben's a creature of habit and we didn't understand that he gets a tin of munchies when my mum & dad eat. Poor thing was going berzerk. We figured it out in the end :-)

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