Thursday, November 13, 2014

Birthday Milestones

Another year, another ring on the tree.

And on the mention of cute trees, the I Am Groot movie comes out in 11 days and I almost preordered it just now ... I'll wait until it comes out and see where I can get it cheapest. I need to find time to watch Hunger Games 1 and 2 before the third comes out anyway.

Birthday ?

Yep. Birthday today. I'm not telling which age it is on here - muahaha. I was however incredibly chuffed to get the following reactions to the "Guess how old ?" game :

Two guesses of 30. Awesome. Love that.
One guess of 32 from our Poster Girl. Happy with dat.
And a shocked falling over backwards from the Poster Girl when she found out the True Age.

Must be all the preservatives in the processed food that dominates my diet. They're apparently preserving me well.

Plans ?

I'm currently home chilling out to Duffy's Rockferry special edition double album. It's a lovely album filled with gorgeous songs from this quirky, distinctive, unusual voice. She's allowed to have her head in this pair, her voice doesn't suit normal songs, they need to be made for her voice. You'll have heard Mercy before but that's not my favourite. I'm not sure what the favourite is actually, there's so many amazing songs here like Stepping Stone which just played over the speakers. I'll link another couple when I do the A to Z - R post in a week or so.

Today saw me collect the Cakes from the Asda next door. Dunno what it is about Asda but it seems to collect the Walmart Denizens.

There's always lots of appreciation for the cakes and donuts. The cookies and donuts are all gone but there's still a few cakes left if any of my colleagues on site reading this would like to come up and say hello tomorrow, taking a cake away with them.

I usually say things like "A small(ish) selection of cakes just escaped from Asda" only to find "wow, that's lots" from people as they see the hoard. I tend to get a little carried away with the cake buying.
Nope. No one was harmed in the removal of the cakes today.

Although with a Little Lady who works downstairs, when she bakes miracles happen. If someone attempted to remove one of those cakes from me after I got my fingers on it, there would be a dead body. Same with Pixie Cakes. They're amazing too.

I didn't do much tonight, except for drift off to the Mall for a wander around. That was partly down to seeing what traffic conditions were like. Bristol goes to gridlock very easily and tonight was one of those nights. I decided to wait it out in the Mall.

I don't often buy much but I find wandering around the shops quite therapeutic. I know. I'm a bloke. That's not supposed to be how it works. Nah. Nothing bought tonight, however ... the following are new arrivals :

Thor and Thor 2 from the BionicDwarf - both pretty decent movies, with the second being an improvement over the introductory first. I'm looking forward to going through the Avengers series again, of which these are part.

Thomas Crown Affair (Brosnan and Rene Russo) from CK - sexy thriller with lots of sparks going between the two leads and an excellent soundtrack too. I'll enjoy this one too.

Defying Gravity from CK - of all the series which I wished had continued, this is the one I was most disappointed to hear being dropped. It only managed part of 1 season but what was made was top notch stellar scifi. It was telling of a grand tour of the solar system in the hunt for artifacts. The Earth was portrayed as semi-utopia with a massive dark side. I really wanted to know how that was going to play out.

I've also acquired games, courtesy of's sale : Riddick, Stronghold Crusader and Xenonauts (all 3 have soundtracks - surprise, surprise)
Music : Coves - Soft Friday and Maroon 5 - V.

I'll go see the mum & dad & Ben the dog too. It's my sister's birthday on Saturday. It'll be a busy few days actually as I hope that the date on Monday night goes ahead. (Don't wanna jinx it but I have my hopes !)

One last pic before I go :
Poor dino.

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