Friday, June 03, 2016

Feels like I been hit by a truck !

Holiday time is supposed to be when you rest, recover and recuperate. But this one seems to be having the opposite effect ! I can't really remember too much of what I was doing yesterday. Perhaps it's an ill ? Maybe. I think it's actually the effects of me attacking myself a bit too much lately.

I don't get that. I don't think I've had anything of what was causing me to have bad reactions. Perhaps it's actually something related to work. As in, the teacake and lunch may have been giving me the Stuff I needed to keep going.

The attacking of self is a major factor though. I really do have to figure out how I can stop that because I won't get properly better until I can leave my outsides alone enough to allow them to fix. It's actually my insides as well, although that can be chalked up to dehydration. I think I'm drinking enough (lots of water) but what I do drink is probably getting soaked up by repairs to my outsides, leaving not enough to keep the muscles happy.

I'm cold as well ! Unfeasably cold ! I suspect my metabolism has slowed due to not doing very much. Sometimes it does feel as if I should be wrapped up and trapped in a blanket like Kitty up top, until I heal.

I am healing though, the various damage I have will typically heal in 3 days or so, if allowed. I just keep redamaging it. It's really frustrating to know that you might be that close to healing for good, except for your own efforts.

Enough about me though. What have I been up to this week ?

I did tell someone I was going to see the doctors again. That didn't happen. Grr. Yesterday was a cloudy blur (plus I was waiting on a delivery that didn't arrive until 4.30 ish - pictures of what that was when I put them together). Tuesday was also waiting for a delivery (more later!). Wednesday was lazy and today, I was too late. Appointments go very quickly at my local docs and you can only get them on the day. Monday was a chill out day part recovering from the long Comic Con day (so worth it) and part getting my old TV cleared off ready for :

Tivo arrived on Tuesday.

I have never met a piece of electronics that is so keen to do its job. It's a cable TV box with a bunch of tuners so it can record multiple things and some intelligence built in to let it suggest recordings. The suggestions are a curious feature but may well get disabled due to annoyance.

One feature I like is that I can control it from my iPad via home networking (I have had to recommission my Powerline bits n bobs to make this happen). You know how clunky a TV remote interface can be ? Perhaps still clunky but a touchscreen can make it a bit smoother to do stuff. It's definitely easier to delete all of the suggestions.

I watch my stuff in order. I won't dip in randomly midway through a series, I'll watch the story unfold over the course of a programme's entire run. I'll series link stuff that I want to watch.

What I don't expect is for the suggestion to override what I'm watching. I don't think the Tivo box likes the cricket as it has tried to change the channel away from it a few times. It needs more training and possibly that Suggestions feature being disabled.

Wednesday also saw me heading into Planetbase again to get the rush colony achievement. I have plans now for how to win at that game, the certain order of what to build in order to get things going quickly and keep them going quickly.
That's curious, the Steam overlay thingy for the achievement isn't on the screenie. The conditions needed were 100 colonists inside 30 days and ...
250 colonists in 60 days for the other rush colony achievement. Sorted ! I only have the achievements from the Storm planet (lightning, limited solar, limited wind, limited build area) to come and then all done until they add some new challenge features.

I also found time to fly the Internet Spaceships again in Elite. It's just had a patch which has changed a few things. One of those is the charity donation mission things to buy navy rank to let you have bigger and better faction only ships. They've changed all that, instead of it being 10k ish cr to buy about 1% guaranteed, it's more like 250k to 1m credits. I'm being more economical there and only contributing when it's value for money. (Context - typical profit per tonne is 500cr but I have been seeing 3000-4000cr per tonne occasionally).

They've also expanded the equipment and customisation considerably ... Which has caused much angst. Beta testing is supposed to catch problems before they occur but I've been seeing videos of one shot kills on pretty potent, tough ships. There is also talk of the Plasma Cannon (big ball of slow moving, slowly reloading fire) working like a heavily overpowered machine gun.

Things have gone imbalanced, to the point where I'm just running from fights at the moment instead of sticking around. It doesn't help there that my second Cutter (yep!) doesn't have its full armament yet or full defenses yet. Need more in game cash. It doesn't help that the ships that have been after me have been the big Anacondas.

Big Elite Ships :

Federal Corvette - best ship for combat. Not so good for anything else.
Imperial Cutter - best ship for trading, should have some combat potential. Fast enough to easily outrun pirates.
Anaconda - best allrounder, pretty good for combat, trading and exploration.
Type 9 Space Turd Freighter - best ship for trading that you can acquire without doing the grind to get the Cutter.

I said "second" didn't I ... IMV Min Max died to a smaller ship as I tried to go toe to toe with a pirate. Usually I can run away before the critical point but ... oh well. Not this time. Oops ! Enter Cookie Morning :
Yep. I went for the black pain job as mourning for the first Cutter. I did have a happy surprise though today when the 12m cost for the insurance was reimbursed due to the craziness of the non player character ships.

Only 376m away from properly fitting it out. Could take a while. But I have been enjoying the game and it is a fairly relaxed playstyle which suits my current level of energy.

Shinies ?
There's a preview. These are supposed to be really tough to build so I didn't really want to start while I'm having lots of pain. Perhaps the Nanoblock R2D2 first :-).

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