Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Comic Cons And Hunting The Cosplayers

I think it's taken me a day or so to recover from the Comic Cons !
Many lovely sights were there, including the lady with the book above. Possibly the best costume we saw on the day.

I was over there with Cupid's Gift and I hope she had a really good day. She was definitely hunting down the cosplayers for pictures, although she was being incredibly shy with asking for the pics. (Haha, the shyness didn't last - pics are on my Facebook but I don't put pics of me or friends here).
In we go, past the gauntlet of Imperial Stormtroopers. They let us past, saying something about droids. Some people like the ones above ... not so lucky. But everyone knows stormtroopers can't hit anything so I'm sure they got away unscathed.
We spied a couple of warriors locked in mental combat, waiting for their opportunity to strike the deadly blow.
While others carried on the memory of those who came before us. Remember your veterans ! They sacrificed to make this a better world. The Sergeant there was doing his people proud.

(As always, click for bigger, these were taken from my proper camera with far more pixels than this screen can show !)
There were lots of people there, possibly too many for me !
They're still sizing each other up.
Could the lady with the book have them under some kind of spell ?
Definitely plenty of people to bedazzle, even at the early time that this pic was taken.
Including those taking a little time off from defending the galaxy from the overwhelming threat of the Reapers.
Perhaps they were looking for Shinies to take back to the Citadel ?
They did have help on hand, in the form of this majestic Imperial warrior standing perhaps 8 foot tall there in her armour. Serve the Emperor with all your heart and soul and it will give him the strength to stave off the forces of the ever insidious chaos threat.
Could they be protecting us from the Cat People ? Meow.
Definitely looking forward to the movie this lady will be in later this year (Suicide Squad).
And I wonder if this Bonnie Lady had her outfit inspired by the lovely Kaylee from Firefly ? One of the more beautiful outfits on display on Sunday. She was incredibly shy with it though.
There's one outfit I'm looking forward to wearing soon.
I wonder ... This fella has a movie coming soon too. I have high hopes for that one.

It did become time to leave though and we had a lovely meal at Westfield Wagamamas after (really heavy traffic to get there though !)
And I think they're still locked in that mental combat, waiting for the other to strike ...

Really enjoyed the day out over at Comic Con :-).

More soon ! Been playing with a new Tivo and ... my Internet Spaceship was destroyed. RIP IMV Min Maxer. I need suggestions for the name for the successor ship.

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