Monday, May 02, 2016

Defending England From The Molehill Of Unusual Size

I was off to see the parents again this weekend !

And this fella :
Yep. Ben being tough to get pictures of again. He'll give you lots of fuss but if he sees a camera, he's usually off somewhere else or otherwise hiding. Unless ...
You attract his attention or his almost one tracked mind has cottoned on to potential treats ... He has his people well trained this one does. Here he is exerting his telepathic mind powers (he doesn't have them but he doesn't realise that) on my mum.

Oh ! Mum's birthday this week, hence the reason for the family having a little gathering. They're still doing ok. Getting older as we all do but apart from that, we're still all good. I have my worries about them ... but that's not for here.
Ben's getting older too, here he is giving us big GO TO BED! hints as we stayed up late to watch a Cilla Black documentary. That lady had an awesome voice.
And the next morning demonstrating yet again that if you want to get a DoggyBowl super clean, just add bacon. The pooch will do the rest.
After all, it is his just reward for valiantly protecting us from the evil window cleaner people. Here he was, singing the song of his people (think woofwoofwoof dubstep style) and with a tail wagging so fiercely, he may have been about to start levitating. Ben protects with love, his weapon is the fierceness of his slurping.
And when Molehills* Of Extraordinary Size appear and super mutant moles appear to threaten the motherland ...

*It isn't a molehill, it's a delivery of soil that is being steadily transferred to veg patches in the back garden.
... Puppy Patrol is on hand to monitor the situation. Don't worry, England is safe from the threat of Moles Of Enormity. As is the grass from the threat of sun burn. Yep. Guard duty is all the better when there are sunbeams to soak up.
Ah ha ! The excitement of when the People return from the shops. Anything for Ben ?
Of course there was. But all that excitement tuckers out the poor pooch, here he is making the zzz's by my feet and giving that paw a rest from the stress of bouncing.
But what's this ? Is there potential for meatscraps ? Must fire up the Puppy Power of Mind Control again to transfer meatscraps from plates to doggybowl.
Full up pup is happy pup.
There is always room for more scraps, although here he is having just been told he must wait a whole 5 minutes for the next adverts before more treats may appear. Puppy does not understand human time.
But the time does come ... and that half starved image of a pooch barely able to lift his head is instantly transformed into one who is in one moment, graciously waiting (he does too, he was very gracious in the accepting of the meatscraps) and in the next, BOING. I think there was more in that parcel than just a little ham ... (It's how they sneak his painkiller tablets in to him).
And then rest. Look into those eyes ... give the puppy treats ... you know that is the right thing to do.
And a little more sunbathing. England is still safe from the Mole. I think Ben caught the Jasper Carrot sketch and it gave him ideas ...
As well as regally surveying the front of the house, Ben is also the master of his own backward. Here he is saying "Yes, this is my domain, no you will not find the bones." See that little half smirk ? He's put those bones somewhere we will never find them ... Archaeologists in the future will look at them in wonder ... what creature could this collection of bones have been ?
All good things come to an end though and it was time to say farewell to the family, mum, dad and the pooch.

Until the next time !

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