Sunday, June 26, 2016

Updates, Changes, Explanations


Not a bad weekend spent pretty much hiding from the world, isolated from what's been going on. I think it's been restful :-)
I'm still repairing, my dad looks like he's repairing too. He's the one I was worried about on Thursday, hopefully he's out of hospital by now. We're a hardy bunch my family, although that can be a curse as well as a blessing as we won't seek help when we need it or change when what we're doing is causing us problems.

We're the sort of people who will put in our will something like : Put a tape recorder in the coffin, set to play repeated knocking followed by a shout of "I ain'ted Dead yet" as they're putting us in the ground. Now there's an idea ... where did I put that will that I haven't actually made yet.

So - still worried, but not as worried as last week.

Changes ?

This desktop now has Windows 10 on it ... I pulled the trigger on the upgrade yesterday and so far I'm happy. There was a little hitch where it claimed my processor wasn't compatible, almost as big a "What the HELL !" as my old laptop claiming the screen was incompatible. The problem was a self protection system that I'd turned off.

It feels a little quicker, a little smoother. The UI is different, more boring compared to the shadows and whatnot that Windows 7 puts on the screen. That might be why it feels quicker, because the machine isn't busying itself with unnecessary prettiness.

One thing I did miss was the sidebar and Windows Gadgets. I have a few of those that tell me about things like how busy my network connection is, how much space is on my discs, how hot and busy the processor and graphics card are, how much memory is being used. Things like that.

Any more changes ? Dunno there. I will admit to daftness though. Most of my clothes and stuff is dark and I can do one of those washes every 2 weeks. That fits for washing machine capacity and stuff like how many different shirts I own. I don't use much white stuff, so the white wash is fairly infrequent. But ... I always forget some things like ... dishcloths. Oops. Even though they're next to the washing machine. Double oops.

Explanations ?

I feel I owe a little bit of explanation for how I reacted to the referendum vote. There was a Facebook post of "England what did you do and do I still want to live in you".

I'll come out now and say I voted Remain on Thursday. It seemed the lesser of two evils. Here's how I saw it :

Remain - would keep us tied to meddling busybodies in Europe who came out with all those regulations and then ignored them when it didn't suit them. But they have introduced some happy regulations that make life a lot easier for us. Things like Working Time Directive and a lot of other employment law.

Leave - were being fronted by a bunch of untrustworthy scumbags who have since been proven to be completely untrustworthy as they break all the promises they made during their campaign.

Immigration - I think this was a red herring to be honest. When I'm out there amongst the public (it does happen), most of the non-UK people I see seem to be imported from Asia to give the call centres an authentic Indian accent sound. (Is that racist ? Or observation ?). The KFC girls are Eastern European and they're nice. Perhaps I notice the Asian people because they look different. I don't see that as a negative. In fact, I know one Very Pretty Lady who is ... very pretty and has those bubbly chuckles.

But we are seeing idiots harass non-English looking people in the street. That's abhorrent and it's a shame we don't have an overseas colony to send them to any more. The harassing people. There's no place for those people in a civilised society.

Economy - there's one constant in economics - the people who have control the reins are utter cowards who will run screaming into their SELL bunker at the first hint of trouble. The stockbroker people break good companies and the economy with their ways. Yeah. I don't like them.

Stupidity and Arrogance - from the EU commissioner bloke who probably swung the result by at least 2% by saying there would be no renegotiation of terms. That nearly changed my vote.

But it's that outright gullibility that drove my reaction to the referendum result. People voting for those who have already proved utterly incompetent (Gove), those who's ideals are absolutely counter to the "We'll help out the common people" he was claiming to believe in (IDS) and the one who is a fascist lunatic (Farage). And that hostility to immigrants that's being reported.

We'll see how things work out over the next few weeks. There is already talk of a House of Commons rebellion voting counter to the referendum result, which would keep us in the EU.

We shall see.

I'm back to the cooldown time which is watching a HeyChrissa stream. She's playing one of my favourite games at the moment, Mass Effect 2. And it'll be interesting to see how she plays through.

And that's cooldown from running my Happy Hive empire in Stellaris. So named because I've gone for happiness this time as the thing that makes the race stand out. Sometimes it's good to go for science, sometimes for military strength, sometimes economy. But ... happiness works on all of those a little bit. It seems a powerful combination so far. The Happy Hive has eaten (figuratively, not literally) one competing empire, assimilated another and has taken over half of another.

They should steamroller over another one ... soon. But not tonight, chill out time now :-).

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