Tuesday, October 21, 2014

999 Emergency !

Haha - apologies for that over dramatic title ...

Post number 999 and I'm still wondering what to do for that number 1000. Oh and 999 just happens to be our emergency telephone call number over here, bit like the 911 all the US drama series people use.

No emergencies here though. At least, none that are immediately apparent.

However, I am reallllly looking forward to the long weekend break I'm about to dive into. I'm in work tomorrow (Wednesday) but off on Thursday, Friday, Monday and Tuesday. I think I need that mini break before diving into the madness which is the Pre Xmas season.

I'm looking forward to being out and about more over the weekend. Especially as that's a signal that my outsides are improving to the point where I can be pretty confident the night before that I'll be in a fit state to be out in public the next day. I'm not properly healed yet but I can see my outsides gradually reclaiming the bad bits. I'm more and more confident that if I manage to leave it alone, I'll be clear by Xmas.

Good times.

I also happened to break into a run today ... I still have those inner feelings of Old from creaking bones, joints no longer protected by unhealthy swelling and muscles that seem to want to tear themselves in two. I was in HMV the other week, standing up looking at the Bits N Pieces and it literally felt like my hamstring was trying to tear itself in half. I wasn't doing anything !

But ... when it comes to actually using those muscles, I was able to run quite easily today. I had to catch someone up before he escaped. That run wasn't anywhere near Warp Speed but it was the proper toe technique, just not with Warp Power. If I use Warp Power indoors, with my speed I'll bounce off the walls before being able to stop.

Or maybe not ... having lost that weight, I may have the brakes back again :-).

It does feel good being able to run again. I must start conditioning the body again by doing actual exercise. I never really needed to do that, I was one of those obnoxious people who could turn up at the first game of the season and still keep up and play at a high standard. That said, I'll be avoiding the cricket next year. Too many legacy injuries that remind me of the abuse with Pain.

Where was I ? Oh - getting out more.

Comic Con is Friday and unless something dramatic happens, I'll be on my own bombing around the place at my own pace. Which is good in terms of less complication, sad for closing the book on the other person. Depending on how I find London Comic Con, I may go to the one in NEC Birmingham in November as well. I have a dwagon that needs to be passed on ...

Talking of dwagons :
Isn't that adorable ?

So adorable, that he's now my avatar everywhere. I usually only change the avatar in Facebook or Twitter but he's gone to Blogger and Steam as well. It's a Groom from the kiddie series Room On The Broom.

I think he may be my avatar for quite some time.

I'll hopefully find the excuse to be out more over the long weekend. I have a camera that I desperately want to try out. And ... I hope that a little lady I got in touch with via Okcupid will break the mould and strike up a conversation. From what's there, she seems quirky, unusual, funny, smart, INTERESTING. And you know I don't use that I word with too many people.

Wish me luck. And if you have any ideas for that 1000, let me know.

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