Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Offensively yellow

So I thought yesterday - I'm feeling fairly ok, I need to watch the Thor movie before the Agents of Shield episode spoils it, traffic's good and I need some hi viz clothing.

So after getting home on the bus, off I pop to the local Cribbs Causeway Mall to check things out. That's :

Thor movie ! After a dry spell, I've watched two movies in the cinema recently. Last night was the turn of Thor and I have to say, enjoyable and pretty good. However, the showdown at the end was getting a little confusing.

The other movie was Ender's Game. Interesting movie. It's about a kiddie who's recruited to be a soldier in a genocidal war with aliens. The movie shows his development from raw recruit, up to fleet commander. It's a pretty decent movie too, I'll be definitely getting it on bluray when it arrives. However. Suspension of belief is required for a few things :

It's set roughly 50 years after Sometime Around Now. There's an incredible amount of technology developed in that time. Not just orbital stations, we're seeing starships and mind controlled drones. It's very hefty tech and I'm not convinced that 50 years is enough to develop and deploy that, even in a scenario where Earth is threatened with annihilation by an implacable alien enemy.

Two pretty good movies. I'm looking forward to Gravity now, which is almost out on release over here. Also on the horizon is Hunger Games 2, which I class as "interesting". They made an excellent job of getting as much out of a somewhat thin book as they could. And of course I'll be watching Hobbit 2, although that's more out of a kind of obligation than expecting to enjoy it. That sounds strange doesn't it ? The Peter Jackson movies are definitely Spectacle movies that kinda have to be seen. Avatar was like that too. But I won't wear the bluray out like I will with Iron Man.

High vis ?

I wear dark clothing to work. I don't have much that's light and even there, it's hidden under the jacket. So - the thought was, to keep me a little safer from the vaguaries of Bristol traffic, buy a little bit of high vis. I'm thinking straps to go over my jacket to make me a little more visible. I don't have to walk on the roads but I do have to cross them. And this is Bristol traffic we're talking about. They don't look, don't stop, definitely don't slow down and pay very little attention to crossings.

Aldi last week had nothing worth getting. Halfords last night had 3 items - waistcoat, jacket/coat and bobble hat. The waistcoat would be hidden under a jacket, so not worth it. The jacket/coat was so heavy that I'd cook after a minute wearing it (You could see me from space if I wore it though). The bobble hat was Very Bright, Very Yellow and Highly tempting. I could possibly even wear it over my current hat thinking about it.

Yeah, it can be a little dangerous and I don't bounce so much now.

Last night felt pretty good actually. I had proper Stompiness coming back in. That's a little strange. It's the confidence that comes from knowing you can move exactly as you want to be able to move. Otherwise awkward movements become fluid and coordinated.

There tends to need to be a few things coming together for me to feel like that :

Being in a good place in my head - yeah, I've been in better shape lately mentally since the post last week where I did that analysis of where I'm having difficulty. Posts like that help me figure out what's really going on and let me figure out how to address it.

But it's not just that. It's the people at work who keep me feeling valued.
It's seeing people from the old project, seeing someone's face light up as I tell how I mention her here.
(It makes her blush, which just enhances the sunshine effect).
It's putting a ghost or two to rest. That frees up a bit of future.

That last bit - it's from seeing what people really say and correlating it with what you've done, what you've offered and how people have behaved. Let's just say I'm happy with how I've been and out of patience with others. The answer to "Are they worth it ?" is now "No".

And that's a classification I hate to make.

Yeah. I'm getting to a condition where I can move on with Stuff, which includes a few things coming together :

Condition - I'm improving on the outside although I'm not counting my chickens just yet.
Confidence - that'll come, although I should look to find another place to work (been where I am too long).

And a few more things I can't think of at the moment. Stompiness felt good yesterday, although it didn't last too long. And that Yellow Hat Of Offensiveness ... may have to be bought. If only because of it being so bright the astronauts in the space station would be able to see it.

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