Monday, November 25, 2013

Not dead yet ...

Ok, that title's a bit dramatic.

I was just thinking that I've not posted anything since saying I'd picked up a tummy bug. Bugs down there are rare for me. If I do get them, they only last a day or so until the Nasties are out of my system.

I have two theories right now :

It's something I ate (definitely !) - chief subject is a flapjack
It's something I cook with (it fits cos I tend to cook with the same implements)

The Nasties should have been out of my system by now - they're not. Oh well. It's not too bad - you can probably guess the symptoms so I won't describe them here. (Someone at work today asked and he was definitely getting that "Too Much Information !!" look). They're not getting in the way of what I want to do.

I'm testing that second theory by having take out as much as I can this week and seeing what happens. If I recover, I'll bin the cooking implements and get some new ones.

Lesson - work the problem to get your answer. The plan will actually work out a little - chippie tonight. Chinese tomorrow (they have a day off on Monday's). KFC possibly Wednesday - I'm expecting to have to go to that Post Office pick up place again which will put me in the vicinity of the Mall. Something Different on Thursday (thinking about watching Hunger Games 2 - anyone join me ?)

We'll see how that goes.

Skin's giving mixed signals. I think the infection has pretty much gone but my arms haven't recovered as much as my legs have. The legs are doing pretty well actually but the arms are a bit too much in range when my guard's down when trying to get to sleep. But ... it's coming ...

Ok. Change of subject.

Watched the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special on Saturday. They've been hyping this mercilessly, so much that it was a relief when the show actually came around. Hype is a strange thing. It can give all sorts of expectations. The fans get all sorts of expectations. Star Wars had this in spades with the prequel sequels and a lot of the fans think they were failed by those prequel sequels. (I think they're decent action movies but crippled by Lucas's hamfisted treatment of his own universe)

Doctor Who ? Awesome. After just 5 minutes I'd navigated to the Amazon page to check out the bluray and I almost preordered it.

It was a pretty special show. It had everything, humour, drama, emotion, mystery, silliness. I thoroughly enjoyed it and the only reason I haven't preordered it is because BBC have a habit of not giving you bluray quality on blurays (Sherlock didn't have bluray quality sound, so I can't watch it without risking the sound skip problem). I'll get it when I can be assured of no frustration with the sound (picture doesn't mean much to me but sound ? crucial).

Matt Smith has been a very worthy Doctor. I've been watching Doctor Who since a babe and he's one of the best. That's always going to be the utterly mad Tom Baker but Matt Smith is right up there too. He can snap from one aspect of the Doctor's personality to another in a split second in a way that instantly grabs the attention.

He was supported by a couple of the better companions too in Rory Pond and Clara. Amy Pond started well but just ran out of good writing.

You're probably guessing that I'm a huge Doctor Who fan. You'd be right. It's consistently been good quality scifi (ok, the Sylvester McCoy times were cursed by awful writing) and it's always been entertaining. That's the key for me, stories on telly have to be entertaining. Things like Stargate Universe forgot that. The new Battlestar Galactica got lost in thinking it had a clever plan (it didn't, they started making it up as they went along).

I hope I keep things entertaining here. That's enough for tonight ! I'm going to watch the first episode of Britain By The Sea (oh look ! Pendennis Castle, home of Mr Cuddles !) and then it's back to Azeroth for my latest mage. She's searing the Searing Gorge tonight.

PS If there's any rumours that the 50th special almost did a Bolt on me and drew tears near the end, I'll utterly deny them. However, I will confirm there was an Oh My God during the epilogue.

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