Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Appetite - AWOL

Think I need to change one of my habits.

I don't suffer from the effects of bad food too often (the extra acid I make beats up the bugs I think) but it still happens sometimes ...

Before you start thinking "Too Much Information!", it's not been messy type food reaction. Phew ! But I have been feeling :

Extremely wiped out

Last night was pretty much a right off. I just watched videos (after watching Jack Reacher off the box - good but I ain't gonna buy it). Not feeling like I could raise the concentration to do gameplaying at the moment. It's different at work. I've been reserving my energy for work time and trying to chill out at home.

I'm a bit improved tonight, although that appetite is rather missing. I usually find my hunger demanding that I have a teacake in the morning, a lunch and something munchable in the afternoon. To be honest, the afternoon munchie is really just an excuse to get away from my desk for 5 minutes or so. There's a limit to how long people can concentrate and that 5 minutes away lets me reset my brain.

Anyway - no teacake, no afternoon munchie and the packet of cookies on my desk staring at me at the moment is unopened.

Yes ! Cookies ! Unopened ! I must be ill. Lol.

I think I'm coming to the end of this little phase of malingering though. I'm feeling a little better than yesterday evening although I still won't open the games up. I think it's come from a flapjack from yesterday. I have my doubts about those flapjacks. They may have more than flapjack in, the kind of stuff that's beaten you to it and is eating away at the flapjack already. Yep. Furries.

My condition's steadily improving in general actually. The signs of skin damage are steadily fading away, although I'm having to keep that discipline together because it's really easy to set the healing back. That's on the outside at least, on the inside the pain levels have been going up as my muscles declare their dislike of the cold.

Talking of the cold ... I need a scarf. That'll seal up my neck and hopefully keep my neck and back warmer while I'm waiting for the bus. My ears have been getting cold too. But ... no longer.

Mall trip tonight. I actually bought stuff too :

Laptop bag - actually a rucksack but it's a good idea to have bags that don't scream "Expensive Stuff Inside - Steal Me"
And ... The See Me From Space Hat

Yep. It is mine. And it'll keep my ears warm as well as being a beacon for traffic.

And there's a picture on Facebook too (it's staying there, no pictures of me here ! Too many nutters in internet to expose that to - they'd get ideas). Let's just say, it was dark yet the picture did not need the flash turned on ...

Yep. Feeling better tonight but still not feeling especially brilliant. Appetite is still a bit lacking but to be honest, that's not a bad thing. My weight has crept up to the point where I'm suffering from acid again. That's usually a sign that I need to lose weight. That'll help my bones and muscles too, they don't like it when I weigh too much.

Oh what I really shouldn't do tonight ...

It's the Ashes again ! It begins tonight with England playing Australia with the start time being 00.00 midnight GMT. There's a 2 hour session until the lunch break which, in a healthier condition, would have me tempted to watch until that lunch break.

I'll try to get to bed at a reasonable time. Honest ... Looking forward to showing the hat off at work tomorrow :-)

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