Monday, October 28, 2013

Water, water everywhere

I think I've used that title before somewhere ... Mind you, in almost 900 posts I'm bound to have repeated a few !

There's a massive storm coming through the UK at the moment and we've been in the firing line. Ok, it's not the hurricane force or tropical cyclone type that does so much damage in other countries but it's been a big deal for us. It's a little more than the average UK rainstorm that we get.

This morning ? Fine while waiting for the bus but as soon as I got off, the heavens opened and I was being the drowned rat by the time I got to my desk. Coming home, I got caught in a brief shower on my way to the bus stop but it wasn't as bad as in the morning.

Except ... Massive flashes, a couple of forky lightnings and three huge rumblings. No - I wasn't hungry, the canteen had cookies today. A good thing too cos I visited Sainsburys. No cookies means shopping while hungry (never advisable) means more shopping than will fit in the bag.

Yeah - bit damp. But I can live with damp, although I'd prefer to have my steel umbrella (da car) on my way into work. Add "increased potential of colds and flu" to the results of the discrimination by postcode policy.

How am I doing ? I'm not suffering from any colds (yet - and I wouldn't notice if I did anyway cos I sneeze so much !). My condition is actually improving daily. My skin is repairing nicely and this is a few days after the drugs ran out. It's not fixed properly yet but it's definitely encouraging. I've not used any of the moisturiser I got given, I've not actually needed it because the only dryness has been around the bits that are still damaged. And this is comparing to fingers that felt like sandpaper last year.

Back to the weather - it's going to be an interesting few days ... (of the Interesting Times curse type interesting). Trains have been suspended, the local bridges got closed. By the way I can hear it raining, I suspect there may be flooding problems.

And there's the dinner bell ringing ... Picture time ! Spotted these today :
Add floods to zombie with that apocalypse thing.
Oh hell - I'm doomed.
We made some truly beautiful machines back in the day before science took over and made them look weird. Mind you, some of them were also awesomely powerful machines of destruction too (the Vulcan was designed to obliterate cities).

And finally :
I know the answer ... to the riddle ;-)

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