Saturday, October 19, 2013

Sleepy's Top 40

I'm starting to make a dent in listening to all that 11,000 track library again, although it's going to take Ages ! to listen to it all again. (I've listened to just 399 of them so far and am having a Strictly break because I just had one of those WoW sessions where it goes dark outside without you noticing).

So what were the ones I listened to most of all on the old library ?

Before I kick off, bear in mind that some of the newer discoveries (Rachel Sermanni, Hannah Peel) and releases (Arctic Monkeys AM, Bat For Lashes Haunted Man) have a handicap because they haven't been in the library as long as the Cardigans, Alisha's Attic and All About Eves.

As per usual, I'm putting the occasional link in (I may do this later, I have 20 minutes before the dinner bell goes ! And smoke alarms are not my friend) and it'll be to Youtube videos. As per tradition, they're in reverse order. It's 40 to 21 today (cos top 40 would be a Monsta!) :

40 - The xx - Stars. The xx burst on the scene a couple of years ago and were an immediate hit. They're good but hopefully they'll find another direction to go because they were also very samey.
39 - Weird Al - Star Trekkin'. Can't forget that video with the Pizza-Enterprise.
38 - Tori Amos - I Can't See New York. This has to be one of my most favourite songs of all time.
37 - T'Pau - Taking Time Out. This is from their Rage album. Not bad. But not quite China In Your Hand.
36 - Snow Patrol - Set Down Your Glass. Another who were in danger of getting samey but they keep coming up with something new.

35 - Simon and Garfunkel - The Sound of Silence. Come on ! You know this one, it'd be in anyone's Top 40 if they thought of it :-)
34 - Shivaree - Goodnight Moon. This one's from the Kill Bill soundtrack, which is brimfull of classic tracks.
33 - River City People - Home and Dry. This one closes out their brilliant first album.
32 - Paramore - The Only Exception. Flowing, bouncing melody, lyrics you would die to have sung to you.
31 - Doctor's Theme from Series 4 - I've been a lifelong Doctor Who fan and the music from Murray Gold since the return has been stellar.

30 - Michelle Shocked - Vx Fx Dx. Love the humour in this one and it's backed up by Michelle Shocked's distinctive voice.
29 - Fossiles - Carnival of the Animals. This whole album is full of music that's been robbed for many adverts and bits of incidental music and this one puts that picture of skeletons dancing into the head.
28 - Lene Marlin - Unforgiveable Sinner. Not her best but it's the one that started it off. It's from her first album, it shows off her voice in a modern enough track to pull the attention. Ms Marlin is on my list of people I buy albums for immediately ... and there's not many on that list.
27 - Katie Melua - Nine Million Bicycles. I honestly prefer Shy Boy but this track has that soft melody and perfect voice that I love to croak along to.
26 - Forever Autumn from War of the Worlds, sung by Justin Haywood. Singing like this doesn't come along every day. And it comes at a place in the War of the Worlds that makes it all the more poignant. I'm avoiding the new generation of WotW but this original takes some beating.

(and oh no ! I'm running out of adjectives !)

25 - Goldfrapp - Eat Yourself. After hearing their cover of It's Not Over Yet, this is from the Seventh Tree album. Goldfrapp either do soft or disco and their soft is absolutely gorgeous. This is their soft at their best. Almost ...
24 - Goldfrapp - Road to Somewhere. There's a lot of incredible tracks on Road to Somewhere (still their best album) and this is the pick of the lot. I feel an early listen coming on.
23 - Edie Brickell - One Last Time. Edie's been around for a very long time, this is one of the more recent. She's been consistently interesting to listen to over her whole career, this is no exception.
22 - Edie Brickell - Lost in the Moment. And going back to nearer the start, this track stands out because it tells a story as it goes through. True, it's a sad story but so oh so beautifully sung.
21 - Duffy - I'm Scared. Sadly Duffy seems to be burning out early. She's got a strange, distinctive voice, it matches this song extremely well.

That's it for now, dinner bell is about to go off, shortly followed by the smoke alarm.

Wait ... where's the Cardigans, the Alisha's Attic, the Kate Bush and the All About Eve ? That'll start in Parts 2 and 3 ;-) Along with a few more too.

PS I may revisit and add Youtube links later when I have more time ...

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