Monday, October 14, 2013

Plunge taken, shininess arrived, Sleepy play ?


Finally done it - instead of hanging around for a refurb model to appear I've taken the plunge and spent the cash.

What's the Shininess ?

It's a Macbook Air 13.3" model with the 256GB hard disc. I'm not mentioning the cost (cos it's enough for me to hope I'll not be buying any more pooter hardware for 5 years) but I will give a special mention to my darling Snow Queen who pointed me towards the work discount. Works in store too :-)

The real catalyst is being banned from taking my car into the car park at work again. Yep. Banned from work due to discrimination by post code. I live 2.86 miles away (in a straight line, it's 4 miles walking) from work, which is just inside a 3 mile exclusion zone. Why am I banned ? Because the Powers That Be have allowed too many people to be squeezed into the site. It's not just the parking, it's the desk allocation too. We simply don't have enough space on the site. So I'm a subject of workplace discrimination.

(This is why I don't say who I work for, so I can bitch about them when I really need to !)

Anyway - not actually that big a deal, as I have a very valid bus route that I can use instead of the car which :
1 - means I'm not stressing out driving in Bristol traffic (it turns the hair white)
2 - keeps my legs in better condition inside
The drawback - loss of flexibility and it's £4 a day.

Shinies !!!

I can't play with it yet. It's busy transferring data across from my old laptop. I've been a bit silly there as I've told it to copy all of the downloads folder. I should have deleted a bunch of stuff there before the copy.

After that, I'll be cracking open iTunes and copying across the old library. All 11,000 tracks and 60+GB of it ... That might be tomorrow's job as :
The migration is currently saying 4 hours 23 minutes to go
I ... need ... more ... sleep ... (actually had a good sleep last night but have a lot of catching up to do)
I'm anticipating needing to "downgrade" back to iTunes 10.7 in order to get iTunes DJ back.

Isn't it funny ? I could have easily slept in the car on the way back from Birmingham on Saturday but when I tried sleep after reaching my bed ? Nope. I ended up rewriting one of our key documents in my head (do I remember what ? Hell no - that's not the way it works) and adding new scratches on top of the old ones. Slept much better last night.

I'll let people know about how the migration works when I get to play. Be prepared for a few "Getting used to the Mac" segments of posts ;-). Oh - I'm also going to re-rate that whole library too, which will be curious. How long before I can listen to the whole thing ? MONTHS ! Lol.

Hopefully it'll finish before I retreat for sleep tonight.

What's left for tonight ?

I'm going to resist the WoW addiction. Too much of that and it'll kill my shoulder and my wrist. And my wrist is already suffering enough with the work posture (tried a vertical mouse, nice but it didn't fix the problem - it's the angling that causes the damage, trackpads are ok but not big enough at work). I'm in my woolly fingerless gloves already - they're great, the woolly is thick enough to support the wrist and also keeps it warm.

Lovely. Well recommended, just don't whatever you do buy ones with the attached pouch. The pouch is no use for storage and ridiculously gets in the way.

I'm watching the Youtube vids instead :-) Totalbiscuit's news roundup at the moment followed by Scott Manley blowing up Kerbals. Yep. Chill out time. No Azeroth time. Please. That game is ridiculously addictive. I do need to log on my old Bashara sometime soon though so she can retire wielding her legendary hammer.

I've been mostly enjoying my time back in Warcraft. Sure, the Icecrown questing was boring (it just dragged on far too long) but I raced through Hyjal (two highish level zones) and I'm chuckling through Uldum (land of the eternal cutscene ... with pyramids) on I think my 4th time through it. It's a shame Warcraft is a game of two halves, there's some awesome content in there that you tend to see Just Once while levelling and then never again. The other half is the repetitive, fiddly, uninteresting raid content at maximum level that turned me off.

Must ... avoid ... Azeroth ... temptation ...

3 Hours 26 minutes remaining ! (I've not spent that long tapping, it's just speeding up)

PS I'm going to do some music posts too from the old laptop - a top 40 of what I ended up listening to most.

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