Monday, September 30, 2013

Shiny matters

Just spotted on the Facebook feed :
Firefly was always an incredible series, well worth watching if you missed out. It's very sad that it only got 14 episodes plus a movie.

Very shiny.

I'm getting my attention drawn to new shinies. I think I'll forget about changing the car, although the new IS300h is Very Shiny. It's just not something I need. My Lexus CT already does everything very well with a sense of style there too. The IS is faster but that's probably the only major advantage that would see me change. It's bigger (not necessarily a good thing) and costs more.

So I think I'll be resisting the temptation to change what is the best car I've owned and aim for a few years of payment holiday.

What shinies am I looking at then ? I'm seriously considering buying a Macbook.

I'm getting much closer to requiring a laptop change. The keyboard on this one is the major bugbear. It's suffered greatly due to my skin condition. But at least it's still chugging along, the HP I had before ate something which killed the fan and the design of the HP means that it would have needed a full strip and rebuild to change a £10 part.

The current laptop is an Acer and they are pretty solid on the build and design. That's despite what one reviewer I spotted said, he described Acer as "cheap". Yes, you can combine "cheap" with "solid" if you're smart about the design. I'd have another Acer laptop if they supplied them with an adequate resolution. (720p doesn't cut it for me - I want closer to HD)

The laptop target has steadily gone up and up in terms of the price I'd need to look at. Originally, I'd thought that £500 was too much, seems like inflation (and perhaps fashion) has affected the cheap value laptop market. Anyway, the prices have shifted that much that it puts the likely price in Macbook range ... And I'm tempted. I could get a refurb Macbook Air 13.3inch with a 256GB SSD for just under £1000.

That's still a lot of cash but - Oooooo shiny. And it's not Windows 8.

We shall see on the laptop. But - closing out with more Shininess :

First day back at work today and it was a hectic one. I had barely enough time to catch my breath and check for super urgent emails before disappearing into a meeting from 10am to almost 2pm. But. I did get the chance to check in with someone very special before that.

And I got cake. And a grin as I was walking back to my desk. And, even though I had to neglect my cake to disappear off to that meeting, a little taste of awesome when I escaped for lunch.

And I now have that memory of the taste coming back - absolutely lush. The cakes were made for a birthday - I passed a message over on Facebook but those cakes earn another : "HAPPY BIRTHDAY !" for someone who turned 21 again last Monday.

Good day today. I think it was productive, hopefully we'll get a chance to buy what we were talking about. Combined with a chance to have a little catch up with someone special and polish it off with truly awesome cake.

Yep - good day, if only all the leaky bits of me would stop being leaky !

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