Saturday, September 07, 2013

Bring on the music

Couple of things on today :

Strictly Come Dancing is back ! And it's the Last Night Of The Proms.

I didn't watch Strictly regularly until last year, when it well and truly caught the attention. There was a good selection of celebrities taking part that year and you genuinely didn't know who'd win and who'd knock you over (in a good way) on the night. Not so convinced this year, we shall see what we shall see.

They have some marvellous dancers too ...

Quote from Yveta : "Music does something special to me, I just have to dance". Music kinda does something special to me too, I'm always wanting to sing along (but keeping it in check due to ultimate shyness)

The music tends to be pretty good on Strictly. They have a house band for the dancing with guests coming in too. The quality varies somewhat (the house band is good but not great and can butcher some songs). But it definitely has me turning off the TV speakers and routing the audio through my proper hifi.

Noticed that ? I've never heard a TV that sounds passable, let alone anywhere near good. But then again, I've been spoiled by having proper hifi for many, many years.

This year's Strictly has Sophie Ellis-Bextor on, who I developed a dislike of when she was more current in the singing business. Not really sure why, as she was very, very good. Great tone and kept the timing. And her "Read My Lips" album is on Amazon for £3.65 with free MP3 download. Don't mind if I do.

Also means I have an excuse to preorder Goldfrapp's new album and Iron Man 3.

Still watching Strictly but coming later is an annual event : Last Night of the Proms.

For the uninitiated, this is an unabashed celebration of Britishness. It's a concert with some of the best of British classical music. It has Jerusalem, it has the Sea Shanties. It has the Pomp and Circumstance marches. And ... most important ... it has the audience participation.

It's worth watching and joining in with. It's silly ... and it's uplifting.

And I'm thoroughly looking forward to it.

How's me ? I seem to be improving - finally ! There's still a lot of damage but it seems to be finally repairing (that'll be the vitamin tablets) I've added another thing to my Suspicious Of Allergy list too - bacon flavour crisps. Shame that. I liked those.

I've not been back to the doctor for a while. But I'm hoping that when I do (soonish), I can ask for an allergy test with enough of me in factory spec for it to give worthwhile results. Why go back though if my skin is repairing ? I'm having other physical issues which are slowing me down :

Back - is not healthy at the moment.
Shoulder - is more restricted than it was.
Hip - this is the big one, something's not right in there and can make it painful to walk around.

But as with the rest of it, I'll see how it goes there and manage it best I can. I'm looking forward to putting the skin condition behind me, although I think I'll have a lasting legacy of needing to look after it more. It's being very easy to cause it damage which then takes way too long to heal. I'm still not convinced that some bits actually want to heal. We shall see. If they're still bad next week, I'll get them checked out.

Think on that note, check this out : If this ain't love ...


  1. Last Night of the Proms is *very* British. If you want to understand us Brits I recommend watching it. It'll confuse the hell out of you! [rotflmao]

  2. "Why are all those people bouncing to no particular time ?"



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