Monday, May 13, 2013

More data, more healing

I seem to be approaching something near to rude health again.

That's right - I'm having to think of other ways than just rolling the sleeves up in order to scare people. (I've gone back to the tried and tested traditional methods of just being a loon - it's working).

What's that "more data" thing ?

I've added a couple more things to the allergy list. I appear to be allergic to my jeans. Yep. I improve, the skin on the back of my knees gets silky smooth (that's been the messy bit), then I wear my jeans and that skin goes nasty again. I don't wear those jeans too often, it's suit trousers at work and tracksuit type bottoms at home (unless I'm protecting the skin by going to shorts). But I wore them on Wednesday evening to go to the game that didn't happen.

Clues ? Could be the dye, could be the material. Jeans are rougher than normal and it could be the roughness that's causing the problem. I've taken steps - the jeans have been washed again and I'm using different (anti-allergenic) washing blobs and softener from a different manufacturer. I've also bought some new jeans.

The healing's good actually - on Friday, my condition had gone backwards enough that I was considering letting the cricket people know I wasn't going to be available on Wednesday. Now, I'm fine again (externally - internally my knee hates me) although I'm having to work the discipline to stop me "helping" the healing by tearing at the bad bits.

Yep. Self inflicted wounds and all that.

Wonder if I'll get any cool scars after all this is behind me. There's none on my face, where there were a few Zombie Plague patches visible last year.

Another thing I might be allergic to is lanellin (however it's spelt!). My sister put me on to this, as she reacts to it too. It's a base for medicines, like the steroid creams I'd been using. On the one hand, you get healing from the steroid cream. On the other, you're applying something which gives you an allergic reaction to an area that's sore and sensitive. The new stuff is helping rather than hindering.

So - good news all round there.

Looking good. Feeling good. (Although my knee and shoulder have been telling me I'm an idiot to consider playing cricket again). People think I'm looking young again. Canteen Girl (different one) thought I was 32. That's 6 years below my actual age. Sweet :-).

Oh - you know when you think of some really cool stuff but when it comes to the right time, you can't remember ? Yep. Got that. I had some good thoughts for a post earlier when I was at work but can I remember them now ? Nope.

I still need to get the allergy test done - and it's getting closer to when it'll give me good data too. There's enough of me back to good condition.

I have new stuff too now, although I was looking to get more :

New shoes. This turned from "it can wait" into "must have now" when I got wet socks from wearing my last pair of shoes on a rainy day. I break shoes before they get dirty. Dunno why, I've tried to train myself to have an efficient stride that shouldn't put too much strain on the shoes. Because strain on shoes means strain on knees and hips and I have to look after those.

So I have new shoes - eventually. £65 for shoes for work ? Inflation is going nuts. I got £20 off mine and they seem ok.

But I don't have a long sleeve cricket shirt yet. I've never used these, long sleeves interfered with my bowling. However, a long sleeve will protect arms that are still healing when I forget my age and dive for the ball when fielding. Can I find one ? Nope. Nothing in Sports Direct and that's the closest shop to a sports shop outside of Globe sports. And even there, it's more fashion store than sports store.

I think I started rambling quite some time ago didn't I ?

Closing up :

Feeling and looking healthier. Although I'm not completely healed yet.
Lanellin = bad.
I look 6 years younger than I am - and a pretty girl said so.

And that last statement is possibly the best way to close :-)


  1. Good to hear all round. :-)
    I'm allergic to lanolin - you get it in sheep's wool. Keep up with the positive stuff x x

  2. Perhaps the lanolin connection is why I've been reacting to wearing those jeans ?

    Curious ...


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