Monday, May 20, 2013

Feeling my age ... and being surprised by it

Definitely getting older.

However ... as is typical for me, it's not showing in the typical way. I have what you could call the results from last week's cricket in now, if you could call it the aftermath of a fitness test.

Cricket's a lot more energetic than people think, although that depends on how much the player puts into it. I'm either sleeping or hyperbunny. If I'm dispatched to the outfield, I get sleepy. If I'm closer in, then I'm hyperbunny. Lots of short sprints to get to the ball quick. Lots of reaching for the ball and diving around. Bruises from being inept. I got to be hyperbunny in last week's game.

I'm usually struggling badly for the 2-3 days after the first game of the season. The unaccustomed exercise and use of muscles that don't get used much leads to them screaming at you for a few days. However much I practiced in the past, it was no substitute for actual match fitness. It took a few games to get conditioned. So I was expecting a few days of hell where I wouldn't be able to move much.

What actually happened ? Here's the surprise - I actually survived the game pretty well. Apart from a couple of bruises, the days of hell didn't actually happen. I could still move well. Ok, not 100% because there's internal wear and tear damage to my hips and knees that won't heal easily. I have full running speed available, just not full agility.

Yeah - I'm amazed actually.

I went into last Wednesday's game with the absolute minimum of preparation. No training, no practice and it was 3 weeks after I'd given up on 1/3 of the season to my legs not being in a fit state. Oh and I was short enough on hydration during the day that I nearly had calf muscles explode due to cramp, although the cramp may have been brought on by the heavy ground conditions.

So - internal damage aside, not quite so old as I thought. Still mostly able to keep up at 38, although I am definitely slowing down. That's a relative thing though because I used to be lightning quick and still have most of that leg power available.

Actually yeah - I still had enough leg power to make my skin bleed a few weeks ago and make it difficult to stand for extended periods. And that's recovered enough to let me use maximum sprinting power.

So what's this about feeling old ?

It's actually gaming. I used to be really good at driving games and I'm pretty decent in a kart (I'm just too heavy cos of those legs). Now ? I try racing games like F1 2012 and Grid and I'm really slow. It feels like I'm half a second behind where the racing car is. I even had to stop playing Grid after not that long because my back was killing me (need to figure a better place for the wheel).

Upside (or Sleepy is not old) :
I didn't suffer quite as badly from going into that game unprepared
The skin damage didn't cause any issues
Most of the old speed is still there

Downside (Sleepy is ancient) :
I'm too old for the gaming !!!!!

Woe is me. I better stick to the cricket for now. (lol)

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