Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Bank Holiday plans

Feels very weird to be making plans.

Lately, when I've had a break from work, all I've planned to do is stay at home and protect my arms and legs so they heal up a bit more. However, those arms and legs are far less angry with me now, even compared to just over a week ago.

Hell, I even declared an availability for playing cricket after thinking that the first half of the season was written off. Things have improved that much.

So how about those plans ? They vary in scale from just mundane to perhaps a little bit epic.

Mundane - clothes. They've cleaned up ok but I know what the condition of the skin underneath was. I need new stuff. I need new shoes too, I've been waiting until my skin's been on the mend for that because new shoes always shred my achilles tendon area. I'm also thinking of buying some wicket keeping gloves, although I'll wait for an answer from the skipper to see if that's really necessary.

Bristol Motor Show this weekend and I'll definitely be going to that. It's up at Cribbs Causeway this year. Dunno how they'll arrange it. I suspect there will be cars in the Mall and cars on display in the car park. I'm curious. And I'm hoping the new Lexus will make an appearance. I have to get the car serviced as well soon but that will be before the new Lexus appears at the garage for peeking.


This is kit car mecca. I've always been interested in kit cars, although I've never had that combination of Money, Facilities and Time come together to let me build one. Stoneleigh is the biggest show of the year, so there will be tonnes of stuff to see.

Oh and it's just 7 miles down the road from a place that will sell me a steering wheel for the PC.

The last place is a lot more miles away. Bear with me while I think through the arrangements ...

It's the Belgian Grand Prix. I know ... epic road trip ?

The road trip itself would involve crossing two international boundaries and about 450 miles each way. That's not quite as bad as it sounds by miles, because roughly halfway there's a break from driving while you're on the Channel Tunnel.

Then you have Channel Tunnel prices at £51 for a Short Stay Saver, £75 for Standard Single or £149 for a 5 Day Flexiplus. The more expensive tickets allow more flexibility or more days between there and back.

Finishing it all off is the main event, tickets for the event and hotels. If you're doing this kind of trip, you really have to go All In. And that means tickets covering the entire event, not just the race day. There's more to see too, with support races featuring other classes. How much for this ? Erm. A "certain package deal specialist" is offering £296 for Silver Grandstand event tickets, plus £398 for a few nights at the hotel.

That makes it almost £800 for the weekend, with petrol to come on top.

To be honest, the Spa trip is a bit far fetched. It would be fun but it's one where I'd definitely want to have company along. (Oh look there's just been an email in from an online site ...). The motor show and Stoneleigh trips I'll happily go to on my own but I think the Spa trip would need me bringing a sanity saver.

Oh - the motor show trip also gets me in the vicinity of a cinema with Iron Man 3 on :-)

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