Thursday, December 06, 2012

Nutter on the Bus

I've been noticing something very alarming over the past couple of weeks.

To start with - have a peek at this bit of comedy gold from the one and only Jasper Carrott.

I've been getting that too. Although with me, it's when the bus is at that half full stage where all the rows of seats have 1 person in them. Nobody sits next to strangers on the bus if they can help it - all those elbows and things. What seems to be happening is that when there's no more empty rows, when the next young(ish) lady gets on the bus and looks for a seat she'll see the empty one next to me and make a beeline for it.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining !

I'm just not used to it. Most of the women who know me seem to start running as soon as they see me nowadays. In the opposite direction. /sob. (lol)

I think they're seeing me as some kind of Anti Nutter. Like the logic is "let's sit by the smart looking guy in the suit instead of the hobo with the music blasting out of his ears".

Thankfully I get on the bus reasonably early so I can usually get a seat to my own, avoiding the nutters that we do get. There doesn't seem to be many of those, although there was Noisy Kiddie yesterday and Bad Taste Girls the day before.

I kinda like being the Anti Nutter, it's another sign that I'm looking better than just over a month ago when people would have pointed and shouted : "ZOMBIE". (Still not healed yet, still needing a bit of help from the gunk)

Here's more Carrott.

What am I up to at the moment ? Currently waiting for the Yogscast charity stream to start up again. The Yogscast are a group now (they've grown) of gamers who put out well made and quite entertaining content on Youtube. It's mostly Minecraft but they put in other games too. My favourite is Hannah aka Yogscast2 who was doing the stream last night.

What can I say ? At the moment I'm enjoying watching a slightly nutty but rather amusing bunch of people playing games more than I'm enjoying playing the games myself.

Oh and it's also a good excuse to keep trying to reduce the amount of unlistened to music I have in the library by errrrr .... listening to lots of music. Down to 489 tracks now (been adding a lot lately). Currently playing : soundtrack to the latest XCom game. Must play that one more ...

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