Monday, December 17, 2012

And relax ...

Started my winter break :-)

Really needed it. I could feel the energy reserves being at absolute minimum. Kinda like running past where the fumes ran out. That's the point where I have to watch what I'm doing quite carefully, or absent minded gaps and errors start appearing in what I do.

(if I miss ay n's out, it's cos this keyboard needs some attention!)

I've needed it for other reasons too. Like hopefully more progress with the skin thing.

It's getting better - honest :-) I'm closer and closer to getting back to that healthy pasty white shade of geek. I have to maintain the discipline though because interfering with the bad patches puts the healing back. The bad patches are steadily subsiding but I'm not completely free of the need to use the gunk yet. Not needing to get ready to go to work where I'm spending far too many hour sat in a chair is helping. And not because it means I can use that gunk when things get a little leaky.

Actually, gaming here is not exactly ideal. The sit&game posture puts the wrong kind of pressure on my bum, which is one of those bad patches. But - it is improving to the point where I'm actively thinking about preparations for next year's cricket. I'll need a couple of things ticked off there - can't wear a helmet right now because of my ears and I'll be looking to pick up something to protect my skin for when I'm diving around (which is likely to be a bad idea cos I'll probably cook with it on !)

I'm not going to be lounging around the house all day though. Will be raiding Tescos for shopping later. I'm down to just one apple, so I'm needing supplies. I suspect the Crazies will be heading off to see The Hobbit at some point this week too (cabin fever may see me heading off to the Mall for it myself!).

What have been up to so far ?

Lots of cricket watching. At least, that was the plan ... It's actually ended up in me fast forwarding through most of the play between India and England. One reason I like cricket is because it's a game where at any point, anything can happen. Batsmen will score, chances will happen, wickets will be taken. In a one-day game, even a ball with no score is an event. Game changing things will happen all the time.

At least, that's the plan. This latest game has been one of the worst games I can remember, nothing has been happening in this game of much consequence. This India vs England series will be remembered as 3 good games followed by one mindnumbingly tedious game. The kindest description would be "tortuous" and that's coming from a cricket nut.

There's also been :

Strictly Come Dancing semifinal. Been really enjoying it this year, it's the first year I've watched it all the way through instead of catching it when at my parents' place for the weekend. It's down to just 4 now, with Lisa Reilly being voted out over the weekend. She's an example for everyone to look up to, she's a big girl but oh so nimble. The show's been blessed this year with a lot of genuinely good dancers and Lisa's been no exception there.

Looking forward to the final :-) I'd like little Dani to win but I think it'll be Kimberley. Any of them really could win it.

Sports Personality. I occasionally watch this yearly event. Bradley Wiggins won it this year, which I'm ok with. He has a personality, whereas the previous winner Mark Cavendish ... doesn't.

Gaming :-) Yeah, it's a little unhealthy right now but there's a few different aspects of "Health" that need to be looked after. So while it's bad for my skin, going back to those familiar classic games gives my mind the relaxation it's needing right now. Over the weekend, it was Master of Orion 2 (Endless Space = bit naff) and last night I started off yet another run in Deus Ex Human Revolution. I'll have to try and resist the urge to do a Perfection run through DXHR, as that can take lots of time ...

I picked up Far Cry 3 as well and am very curious as to what will be in the Good Old Games and Steam Sales. The Steam sale hasn't started yet and I haven't seen anything I really want yet in the GOG sale. That may change if the D&D games appear for cheaper. That steering wheel has stayed unordered too, although if Xmas travel plans work out, there's a store near Coventry that's on my route ...

Music. It wouldn't be the same without me listening to a tonne of music. I still have over 400 tracks in the library (mostly soundtracks) that I haven't listened to yet. Next album up is from David Bowie with the one after that being the Red Sonja (classic film) soundtrack.

And I see that scroll bar getting to the point where it tells me I'm Wall Of Texting !

Time for a little bit more Deus Ex, followed by a run to Tescos. It should spookily be around the time for dinner and they've had a Dominos replace the Shiny Chippie that was there before. I won't be going to Tescos just yet - it's chucking it down out there ...

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