Thursday, December 27, 2012

Back again

Hobbit tomorrow.

It's been a bit different this christmas ... Been off to the parents place for a few days so I've been a bit quiet. We don't do the presents thing any more for a few reasons :

It can be quite stressful finding That Right Present and ...
... We've usually bought what we wanted anyway.

(Unless it's me waiting for the right sale to come along).

It's been a bit weird too. We've all got health problems and those are all different. I'll only talk here about mine though. Some things stay on the other side of that privacy wall. Personally, I think I've learned another allergy but it could well be coincidence. I'm still not free of the need to gunk up yet. It seems like the damage repairs to like 90% healthy and then worsens again. I'll see what it's like over the next week with me back in my own patterns of treatment, eating and living.

What else ?

It has been really good to see the people again, although my temperament has been suffering from constant itchiness and the need to leave the itchiness alone lest I develop into Bad Stuff. Part of that temperament issue is needing to find someone I can trust to talk about the health problems mentioned above.

iPhone will be on the way soon :-) I've got sick of my Android phone being unreliable and Apple are apparently selling the iPhone 4s in 64GB again. My music library is now too big for a 32GB ... I'd like an iPhone 5 but the entry fee for one of those is £200 more. It's just a phone ...

How come that library has got so big ?

Lots of soundtracks ... Been collecting those lately. One thing about Good Old Games is that they throw in all sorts of stuff with the games they sell. Things like pdf's of the manuals, artwork and the soundtracks. Yep, these games are from the time when proper paper books came in the boxes. Yesterday saw a massive D&D game sale, which I just had to go for :

Baldur's Gate 1 + 2 - enjoyed but never finished
Icewind Dale 1 + 2 - never tried
Neverwinter Nights - played to death
Planescape Torment - never tried, has massive reputation
And a couple more fillers

All of the above have massive soundtracks for download. Now I just need to time to a) listen to the soundtracks and b) play through the games.

Steam's sale is going on still too - with a bit of gift giving happening there too. Steamgirl has helped keep me sane over the past year or so by making me laugh at stuff, she's a Mass Effect fan but didn't have the second game on PC, so a copy went her way for Xmas. In return, I'll be playing through Fallout New Vegas at some point :-).

Driving conditions have actually been ok, although Christmas Eve got a bit hairy at times with rain not clearing from the roads sufficiently.

Quite tired now though, so I'll leave it there.

Hope you had good Christmasses and I'll wish you a Happy New Year :-) May 2013 be better than 2012 ...

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