Friday, December 21, 2012

End of ... wait ... still here !

Today's been hugely hyped ...

Yes !

It's finally here !

Steam Winter Sale !

Wait - you were expecting something different weren't you ? Muahahaha. I think my wallet may have been safer if the end of the world had happened today.

That said though, there's huge numbers of weather warnings out for the UK for tomorrow. Good job I'm not travelling until Sunday then isn't it ? The weather warnings are for heaps of rain, which causes its own problems (there's a few potential flood zones to go through) but not nearly as many as snow does.

The whole country would literally ground to a halt if the snow came. It's not looking likely, temperatures are in that zone :
Cold enough to want to wear a jumper
Warm enough to make you warm in the jumper

I'm happily in a jumper at the moment, although I am having to watch out so I don't damage myself more. The skin thing is definitely improving ... but it's so incredibly easy to set back the healing and do more damage. But enough of that ...

Been chilling out this week. Been catching up on some of the recorded telly, although there's still enough recorded that I need to watch a little more to make room for Xmas telly. I'm surprised actually, all I'm recording over Xmas Day and Boxing Day is Strictly Come Dancing, Doctor Who and Full Metal Jousting repeats.

Still lots of music listening to do. I have the Puss In Boots soundtrack on at the moment and the album after that will be the excellently atmospheric soundtrack to Deus Ex Human Revolution. (Not forgetting Paramore's Brand New Eyes).

I've been watching a fair few of the Yogscast livestreams too. They've been raising money to send charity bees over to Africa. They're mixed, they can be hilarious but some of them are not worth watching at all. It's about playing games with commentary that amuses the audience, some of them just happen to be saying stuff as they bury themselves in the game. I can recognise that as I do it myself, when I'm tunnelled into WoW raiding (and this is one of the reasons I stopped) I'll tighten my focus such that everything outside of the raiding is tuned out.

Mall today - I'm not getting or giving that much in the way of presents these days (boo hiss) but I do still get the cards. So today was a quick trip to the Mall to get cards, have a bacon sarnie (and coffee!) and get stuck in the traffic.

Almost saw Hobbit - but that'll keep. It's going to be in the cinema for a little while and I'd much rather see it with friends than go on my own.

Not been playing that many games to be honest. Because my brain's been a bit fried, I've fallen back to the games I find more relaxing. I've worked out Moo2 and Settlers IV, I could play them in my sleep. I don't win all the time but that's partly due to randomness (Moo2) and the pooter messing up my plans (Settlers IV has many bugs). I still find them relaxing to play though.

However ... I still have a playthrough of the Mass Effect trilogy in the early stages plus a Deus Ex Human Revolution run going. But there's many more in the collection that I'd like to put a bit of time into : Far Cry 3, F1 2012, Torchlight & Torchlight II and a couple more ...

Trouble with the Steam sales is that they look incredibly tempting with their 75% off things ... But then after I get them, it'll get maybe 1 hour or 2 and that might be it. There is one common factor though - value.

I'm always very keenly aware of Value For Money. It's why I avoid the first person shooter online games, it's why I'm avoiding getting the latest WoW expansion. I'd love to get the game Spore ... but it's several years old and only has 50% off it's original price of £30. That's shockingly bad value for money. I'm tempted by Borderlands 2 but they've been pouring out downloadable content for that which I don't consider good value. To get the full game, you'd need to spend £50 (down to £35 with discount) with DLC.

That's very meh.

But - I will spend some cash in this Steam Sale period. I've already picked up Dungeons of Dredmor, which at under £2 is a fairly amusing little dungeon crawler. If you like the Munchkin card game, you'll like this one. I have Torchlight 2 in the cart ... and I'm hoping the older D&D games appear for cheaper than just 50% off in the GOG sale.

We shall see.

Just cos I'm not getting or receiving pressies doesn't mean I can't get myself some ?


PS Tonight's Yogscast livestream isn't being particularly good. I see more Dungeons of Dredmor in the very near future ...


  1. I thought that the DLC for B2 was pretty good value - especially if you buy the £20 'pass'.

    The Captain Scarlett missions are definitely worth a fiver...

  2. I'm still poised over that "add to cart" ... 50% off at the moment in the Steam sale. Don't think I'll get the DLC, that's got no discount on it at the moment..


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