Friday, May 11, 2018

Tiny Destroyer is Tiny

Despite procrastinating like hell over the Star Wars may the fourth weekend ... I didn't actually buy any Lego kits.

Well. It technically isn't a kit :
It comes assembled and glued, so not-a-kit.

Nifty though. I may have bought something else little on there too but no kits this time. I'm still feeling a bit deprived of the Lego ... (The new kits aren't interesting and the offers weren't good enough. I have no interest in the Y-Wing UCS kit and not enough interest in the Snowspeeder)

What's happening ?

I'm needing another quiet weekend. Dunno why I'm so tired these days. I'm not getting as much sleep as I need, which is part of the problem. That's a combination of staying up too late and more insomnia yawning into the pillow. I should address the first bit but I don't have any good ideas for the insomnia.

Idle Champions has been keeping my attention for background play and then there's the continuing adventures in Skyrim. The character can still be fragile but also hits fairly hard. I've learned the game better with this third character.

Red Shirts by John Scalzi is a book I'd recommend, although he is a massive troll with his endings. I have a Coda chapter of the book to go and then it'll be figuring out what book 18 will be. An enjoyable read and I'll be reading more.

I've reinstalled the Battletech to my SSD and I'm considering recording a restarted playthrough ... Yep. Might record the gameplay thing again. This does feel like it will be a long drawn out campaign though.

Back to me and my outsides are definitely improving still, although they're very delicate and prone to me redamaging them too much. But there is steady, consistent improvement. Hopefully when my outsides are better, the rest of me will improve too and I'll get some of the energy back.

We shall see.

For the time being, finishing book tonight, dinner's in the oven, procrastination will continue over laptop and I'll have an easy evening with Idle Champions being started up when their weekend thing becomes active.

Oh wait ! Laptop :
I think my intended spec has definitely shifted, it's just finding a manufacturer who will give me good quality with that spec. The idea is to look at what isn't listed in the spec, to check if the value is in the quality rather than the bits. Because if they sacrifice quality, you get a laptop like my last HP which had really poor build and which lasted literally 10 months before expiring with a dead fan. (And I got done with the warranty there too).

So the new spec is still : i5 processor or AMD Ryzen, 8GB, SSD+HD, IPS screen. Gaming graphics.

The gaming graphics is the new item there and the gaming laptops seem to be higher quality too with more likelihood of having the SSD+HD combination. It's looking like selling the soul to Windows as well, just to make the compatibility easier with iTunes. The iTunes software is just too important for managing the music library, although I refuse to use versions newer than 10.7.

Laptop probably coming in the Black Friday sales now, although I'll keep my eye on offers. That's the thing ... don't buy out of impulse, buy when it's the best time for you to spend the money.

Back soon.

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