Monday, May 07, 2018

Books 14, 15, 16 Hot Legionary Lego

First up,

More books ! I finished reading those Last Legionary Of Moros books again. I enjoyed them yet again but more of that in a bit.
Yeah, it's gone warm again today although I was in my pooter chair instead of being on the sofa. Back to work tomorrow again. Haha, admit it, how many of you resemble the picture above on this cold, warm and hot Bank Holiday weekend ? Probably more than a few.

I'm feeling the tireds again (already!) so I planned a quiet weekend again chilling out and intentionally not doing too much. Sooo ...

Friday - work until lunchtime (I work extra in the week for effectively a 4.5 day working week ... but will hang around on the Friday if tasks demand it). And then it was me disappearing into town for a lunch and a chill out wander around the centre. Didn't buy anything but objective achieved. (The canteen at work happened to be closed so it was a wander in town or the local coffee shop. I should really check them out at some point).

And then a bit more chill out before heading out for weekend supplies and .... pizza. Pizza is good. It just happens that the better pizza shop is by the place I get my supplies from. Convenient.

Saturday had me watching the 6 hour race at Spa, among doing other things (like the laundry!). It was a good race. I'm wondering what will happen at Le Mans because the LMP1 non-hybrids were closer to the Toyotas than I expected. That could be good at Le Mans with the longer straights where the non-hybrids will have an advantage on the straights when the batteries on the hybrids hit their charge limits. And the rest of the field had good battles all day too.

That's the thing about endurance racing, there are usually good battles all day and all the way down the field. They're still very dependent on aerodynamic assistance for going around the corners but not nearly so much as Formula 1, which is wrecked (in my view) by the cars having their cornering performance severely hampered by following other cars closely. So overtaking is very difficult in Formula 1 and lessens it as a spectacle.

The weekend has gotten hotter as it's gone too and I'm not one who subscribes to this theory :
I do tend to suffer in the heat. It's much tougher to cool down than it is to wrap up warm.

Still, it's cricket season so the rain will be back soon.

Lots of game playing has happened this weekend with Idle Champions occupying the PC a fair bit but also a few others :
Motorsport Manager - a couple of races and getting the Backmarker to Best achievement where you deliberately start a car at the back of the grid and come through to win. You need hefty superiority over the rest of the field to make that one work. One issue is that when you get that kind of superiority, the challenge and fun goes out of the game somewhat. Not many races left in this playthrough.
Skyrim - a little today and a few more quests done. My hybrid of a stealth archer and sword and board character is doing nicely.
Battletech - a few more missions completed, although I'm considering restarting my game so I can level the characters differently. I want characters who can shoot straight and I'm feeling that the current ones miss too much.
Kotor 2 - continues to be enjoyable escapism but it feels very linear compared to the original game and most Bioware adventures of its type. Maybe it's just taking a while to crack it open.

Lego is intriguing at the moment. It's the May the Fourth Be With You Star Wars discount weekend and I'm feeling deprived of Lego. I actually have a bunch of it but I want more. But I have no clue as to what I want to get. None of the sets on sale at the moment really appeal. I want the Star Destroyer key chain thing though.

Book ? Book !

Books 14, 15 and 16 are the second, third and fourth in the Last Legionary Quartet by Douglas Hill. This is a tale of Keill Randor, who is the last of his kind. The last Legionary of the Planet Moros. The rest of his people have been murdered by mysterious forces and our boy is out for answers and ... revenge.

This tale is told over the first book and then :

Deathwing over Veynaa - a first infiltration of where the Galactic Warlord is attempting to influence a conflict.
Day of the Starwind - a race against time to accomplish a dangerous mission before all is swept away by extreme atmospheric conditions (massive wind forces) induced by the close approach of a wandering planet.
Planet of the Warlord - the conclusion of the tale where Keill finds his nemesis.

I've intentionally not said too much there to avoid too many spoilers but the books are still worth a read even after all these years. They are short and sweet. There is recap at the start ... but instead of being chapters long (I'm looking at you Mr Turtledove !), the recap is done inside a couple of pages and then it's into the story.

At just over 100 pages a book, these are quick reads but still pack a fair bit in. There's probably more than enough here to fill out a miniseries or a 12 episode or so TV series. It's good stuff where the action and the story rattles along at great pace.

They are dated somewhat by mention of things like magnetic tape but ... these books were written in the early 80s when the compact disc hadn't been invented and I'm not sure that hard discs were in too wide operation either.

It was good to go back to these old ones. I may read some of the other series written by Douglas Hill again soon too.

Time to disappear again now though into the remains of that long weekend. And I'm totally not about to watch a Brickbuilder video about the Lego Snowspeeder ...


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