Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Comic Con Expedition 2018

Comic Con again !

This one felt better somehow. Whereas we'd normally have finished up before the show was over and on our way, this time the 5pm closing time came as a great surprise. It definitely crept up on us.

Oh and I have loot too ...
Perhaps not as utterly packed as some years but still plenty to see. Lots to look at.
Curious people making their way around the exhibition. Whatever could be in that case ?
Who will he next be smuggling across the galaxy ? When all else fails, send in the Wookie.
Maybe it was this strange lovely creature ?
Don't let the Red Mandalorian find her ...
This fella just wanted hugs.
Lovely merch on display.
And a little more too.
And some lovely people selling the merch too.
Definitely good for a ride home.
There were many shiny things.
Keep an eye open for the Family.
Although sometimes, deadly opponents can put their feuds aside for a time.
Two heroines on their way to save the world.
And if they can't save it, then they shall secure the rebirth of the world. (Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn, a great take on post-apocalyptic games).
Possibly the best cosplay of the day, this is Gaige from Borderlands 2. I quite enjoyed playing this character during the time I had in the game.
And there is always a need for a humble hero and his pig.
Definitely a need for more shiny things.
I came away with a little bit of loot :

The mini Lego XWing in the pic above, plus a small adorable Toothless. I also acquired another mug which may find it's way into work next week. And a t-shirt which will definitely join the round of subversive Friday t-shirts.

I also picked up my next book, a Blakes 7 follow up by Paul Darrow aka Kerr Avon which should be good.

A good day out. I'm still tired now though !

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