Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Hitting the bottle

Haha - don't worry about me.

I did need to get a few feelings out last night but it's not that kind of bottle. Honest. And there ain't no way I'm going to be hitting this particular bottle, I would be finding Lego bits for months with my feet afterwards. Ain't no one wants to be finding Lego bricks with their feet :-).

I think we need a teaser pic for that there thumbnail thing ... Here we go. As always, click for bigger and I do believe the desktop version of these pages includes ..... a slide show .....
Looks good doesn't it ? Even in the yellowy light of my old photo taking spot. (The main room light has a glass cover that makes the light a bit dim and definitely more yellow than it should be).
That's the aft castle taking shape at the start of the build. It's quite incredible how much detail they packed into something so small.
The main hull takes shape, ready to accept masts and sails. It's only about 3 inches long and 4D was definitely needed to help with angling the ship to make for better pictures.
Another view of the side of the ship. I do like the gun ports and mini cannon hidden within.
Steady as she goes, don't let those pirates get away.
But this kit isn't just about the ship. There's a bottle to craft too. This is the base starting to take shape.
And the ship starts to get enclosed in the bottle. This is still Lego, there are a lot of small pieces that fit together wonderfully well to make something ... well you'll see later how spectacular this one looks when complete.
Almost there ... This is the stage where you pour in the "sea", which is actually 284 individual one circle dot bits of clear blue Lego.
And this is where I shift location to my new photo shooting spot. My pooter chair with the reading light above ! Much better lighting.
And another angle.
4D kinda looks impressed there doesn't he in his leaning back pose ? Darn straight. That's the completed bottle. I thought there might be a case of SQUISH at this point with lego going everywhere as the top of the bottle went on. Happily no SQUISH occurred.
Looking shiny ?
Something that shiny needs something to display it on and I was impressed by how tight this article is. And there's nice detail there too with the sign, the compass and the two rotating globes.
That's missing something isn't it .... I did like the brainwave of hiding the dust on my chair by using a map. I thought a bit of the South Coast would be a suitable backdrop.
There he is ! Looks pleased doesn't he.
And if 4D asks me to draw him like one of those French Dwagons again I will .... get the camera and post it of course.
Last one. A spectacular looking kit. Not sure if it's worth the asking price ? Maybe. It does look amazing though.

If you want to see more build, here's a link to the video from Mr Brickbuilder. And I promised someone that I'd give them a link to the old Falcon build as well. Link !

Cya soon.

PS (Addon) Link to the Lego page - this is the Lego Ideas Ship in A Bottle.

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