Friday, March 02, 2018

Not quite snowed in

Well. Not yet at least. It's coming down heavier now than it was yesterday.

Could be bad later but the power is still going well, I'm warm and can get warmer via kettle and heating and more layers. I'm ok. I'm sparing a thought though for all those people who did brave the conditions. They're unprecedented. I can't remember snow like this since the family moved back from Northern Ireland. We lived out in the country over there and would get the weather from the Atlantic first, whereas the rest of Britain is partially sheltered by the island of Ireland.

I was working from home for a second day running today, which actually works ok outside of not being able to haunt people's desks with a hangdog look when you need them to do something for you. That's done now, which means ....
That's a lot of Imperials .... How will BB-8 escape !!!!
That's how it looked out the front door this morning. Didn't look too bad, although the 2d of the picture and the flat snow belies how it was starting to drift into more significant clumps.
This lower angle from the front door shows it a bit more clearly. Yep. The snow is above the level of my front door. Boots essential .... And that drift before the pavement proved very fortuitous for ... fun :-).
Battle had commenced, with the massed Imperial Walkers advancing with just one plucky Rebel attempting to foil their attack.
More battles were underway as well. Who would come out on top between this snow speeder and the Tie Advanced ?
I hope they're taking note of the curious way the air is molding the snow ... It doesn't show up that well here but the wind has been carving shapes in the snow to allow the air to pass between the drifts and the obstacles. As the gap closes, the aerodynamic effect means the air goes through faster and in doing so, shifts the snow. It tingles my engineer senses.
Conditions on the roads are quite treacherous as well. Perhaps pod racers would get more traction on this than cars.
Definitely in that car park. (The cafe is open but not the shop)
This roundabout was definitely having its way with the people negotiating it. I saw a car go sideways multiple times as they were going too fast around it plus a Beemer needed a push because .... too much power not enough brain.
A lonely bootprint. WHAT COULD IT MEAN !!!!
And a path I have rarely trodden before today.
The going could be best described as Heavy going on Chance of Deathslip.
And .... I do believe that driver is obeying the speed limit. THEY SHOULD BE REPORTED FOR DEVIANT BEHAVIOUR !!!!

How are those battles going ?
Maybe Vader someday later now he's just a small fry is ..... winning. Could go places that little one.
The Imperial learns that they should not have brought a starfighter to a battle in the snow when the Rebel had a snowspeeder. One more unwise pilot crashed in the snow.
A snowboard emerges !!! BB-8 will leave them in his wake with that.
I had a good walk around the neighbourhood earlier but as the snow was coming down heavier again, the homing instinct was kicking in pulling me home. By the time I arrived, the fresh snowfall had already nearly erased the evidence of the earlier impromptu photo session.

Stay safe everyone ! If you can avoid it, don't travel in this. It's hopefully unnecessary for you and if you have conditions like around here, the chances of getting caught out are far too high. (From someone insane enough to travel when I definitely shouldn't.)

Stay safe, stay warm and I hope you enjoy the snow if you get a chance to.

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