Saturday, February 17, 2018

Service cruising acquiring megaship and bottles

Car service today.
It's been a little delayed (but not much) because of what was going on with my dad but there was a good opportunity to slot in the car service and a little extra today. I hadn't been wanting to arrange it before because there was a good chance of having to break an appointment made before being certain where I'd be.

The car gets serviced where I bought it, up in Cheltenham. Which gives the opportunity to indulge in a little going back home .... the long way. I've actually driven on those roads before, albeit not all the way to Cardiff. I did a little series of comments on the Facebook :

On the one hand, I have a headache and the pressure in my eyes that must be like what a minor migraine is like.

On the other hand, currently in Cheltenham and still intend to make a side trip to Cardiff on the way back.

Sore head but .... There is a Lego shop there ....
Yeah. I had the sore head this morning. I have a bit of a caffeine dependency and it sometimes manifests like the above if I have too much blood in my caffeine stream. Or the sore head could have been due to my glasses being mucky. Either way, a caffeine dependency (any chemical dependency!) is bad and I tackle it at work via having fake (decaff) coffee. The headache is pretty much gone now, so it may have been also partly anxiety headache. I don't like car servicing. I did get a good few chapters of Cibola Burn while waiting though.

The trip to Cardiff was fun for while I was in the countryside roads. There was some great scenery whizzing by. The roads seemed to be molded into the terrain, instead of cutting through the terrain like the modern straight roads do it. Gentle curves keeping things on the flat, things like that. Definitely some pretty countryside and green hills to look at while "OMG WHAT IS THAT DRIVER IN FRONT DOING !" No crashes were had today from not paying attention.

It would be good to visit Wales some more and indulge in that countryside air.

Or more Cardiff and a city I quite enjoyed wandering through today. Until the time came for the homing instinct to take me back to the car park. Homing instinct was broken. It took a while.

Lunch was very good. It would be a waste to go to the chain coffee places when going somewhere new but I found :
Tasty munchies.

I also found a place selling very cheap cds too. Only 6 escaped, although I daftly bought one duplicate. Oops. It was a very cheap cd place so I've only lost £2 there. What did I get ?
Maroon 5 - 1.22.03 Acoustic EP
The White Stripes - De Stijl
T'Pau - The Promise - I had no idea they'd made a third album.
Enya - A Day Without Rain
Belinda Carlisle - The Collection.

I'll enjoy listening to those. But .... Cardiff. Lots of shops. What's the main event ?
Yep. A den of miniature piranha masquerading as ankle biting knee high to grasshopper creatures that will knock you down, trample you and steal your money so they can buy little plastic bricks. (No children were harmed by me today - honest!)

Lego store was packed. It was mayhem ! They had good stuff on display too.
That's the Mega Falcon. Just under 7,500 pieces and it's a monster. The picture belies the size, until you look at the detail and see the mini figures adding scale and the small boxes up above. Even if I acquired that kit and built it, I have no idea where I'd find the space to put it. IT'S MASSIVE !

Lots more there too, including all the kits you'd see in normal shops, more of the rarer kits too like the Saturn V rocket and ....
Ship in Bottle ! That picture may or may not be from my car boot again.

A productive trip today, although I may pay for it tomorrow with a need to hibernate. We shall see.

Closing words ? There are no closing words today. Just :
Beep beep. Boop. Beep.

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