Thursday, July 06, 2017

Pondering a new beginning ....

Don't get too excited !

It's in a game. Not in the real world. At least, not in the real world outside of the game. Pixel People have lives too right ?
The game in question is Elite and you've read me writing about it loads of time before. It's a great game to lose yourself in as a space trader or explorer (maybe a bit of combat shooty too). You can dip into the storylines they set up and the community goals that are run (bit too much of a short cut to riches those).

Yeah. I've enjoyed my time in the Elites. But lately, I haven't had any interest in playing it. I think that's due to running out of goals. I'm very much about the journey in games like this, not really interested in the end. Starting small and having an adventure along the way. And then getting bored and wanting to start the journey again.

Goals ? Having the Pretty Ship. Seeing the sights. Going to new places. Getting a sun tan from the stars.
(Gotta say I'm not a fan of the new camera mode - so far. More play needed).

So I'm thinking of retiring my current pilot and restarting my game. Big step but .... it's only data ! Gotta remember that. You invest time into the games but you shouldn't invest too much .... reliance on it ? Not sure what the word is. If you have to start again to get enjoyment back into something you had fun with, do it.

And you can put pilot avatars into the game now too ...
Khajiit has wares if you have credits.

How far did I get in the game ? To the centre of the galaxy and back (big trek, here's the story). I earned the Imperial rank for the Pretty ships. Almost enough for the Corvette, best combat ship in the game. (I didn't do much combat)

I earned the cash to fit a small selection of ships.

Many, many ports visited, goods traded.
A hell of a lot more crime and smuggling than I got caught for.
And many, many stars visited. Although that is just scratching the surface of just how big the Elite galaxy is.

But I haven't been back in since creating the April Fools post.

I think the thing that's changed is trying out Bounty Train. It has reminded me about that journey. The theme of starting tiny and building up. That journey has always interested me in gaming. That's another theme that has run through my gaming. I went through a few strategy games before Stellaris supplanted Moo2. I kept going back to Moo2 after realising it was better than the new one. Like World of Warcraft, every MMO I tried sent me back to the original that I enjoyed for so long.

So I think my original pilot, Commander Iceangel has just decided to retire. Instead of propping up the bar she's been in at Ridley Scott starbase and seeing the sites of Lave, Zaonce, Diso and Leesti, she's buying her own corner of the station and opening Iceangel's Ices. A coffee bar specialising in cooler drinks, definitely creating all sorts of ice cream. (Themes are good).

And the next commander will follow what happened in Eve. My original pilot, Mistress Iceangel that time (cos Iceangel was taken and I needed to add something!) got succeeded by Keela Danne. So something like that will happen this time around. Keela is a character name I've used a fair bit, it was randomly generated by a D&D name creator and I thought it was a fantastic name so I kept it going.

Not yet though cos that retire and restart is irreversible and I'd like to do it when I have chance to put some time into the early game.

Which isn't tonight ! Chill out time tonight before working for a while tomorrow and chilling out to the cricket over the weekend.

Good times.

Hopefully restful times !

Enjoy your weekends :-)

PS Enjoyed Baby Driver tonight. Great fun film, rather daft, definitely violent, best soundtrack there will be for a while.
PPS ....
That's a Sidewinder, which I'd be restarting in. Tiny ship. Fragile ship. But a little speed demon too.
PPPS ....
As games go, this is one of the prettiest.

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