Friday, July 28, 2017

Coming up to a break. And ships.


Coming up to having a bit of a break again, which will be my usual thing of having a week off work just chilling out around the house. At least, that's the norm at the moment due to the continuing state of my feet.

They are improving gradually but it's still very easy to set back that healing and some of the things I've used before (like the HC45) are very limited in use for me now. Like a lot of medicines, they can hinder as well as assist.

I'm still enjoying the Elites a lot, although I have a sense that the rapid progress my character has been making there is going to turn from going up with rocket boots into rolling a rock up a hill. But ....
That's my Dolphin class small passenger liner ship. I quite enjoyed bouncing around a few star systems in this one. (As usual, click for bigger plus .... I bought a nameplate DLC !) Another couple of Queen liners will appear but they're a fair way down the list of ships I'll be getting. I nearly lost this ship though after some complications when trying to take a tourist around a few systems. (I bumped into the visitor beacon while trying to scan it and got a bit entangled with the beacon ...)

The latest two ships in the fleet after the Dolphin are an Eagle light fighter :
She's the Elizabeth Sparrow, after a particularly combative and fierce lady with lots of character who brightens the HeyChrissa discord.

Talking of HeyChrissa ...
There was a half joking conversation on the stream the other night where I said I needed ideas for a ship to name after the Chrissa ... And the suggestion was : Chrissa's Potato. And the most potato like ship is one of my favourites, the Asp Explorer.

Here's a better view :
I'll be using that one for quite a while. The Asp Explorer is a great workhorse capable of doing lots of different jobs pretty well.

But I'll use the Eagle to do some crazy shooting up of ships first. The Big Plan is to go down the list of ships as they get bigger and more expensive and use them for the purpose intended. So at the moment, there is a Community Goal aimed at shooting people and turning in the bounties for them, so the Eagle will be thrown into that melee. And an Imperial Eagle after that, then the 2 Vipers and so on as they get more expensive.

I'll be going scouting again with the scout ships at some point too, which brings me to another thing ...

I need a pretty ship to name after KatherineofSky ! There's a new link on the right there to another Lovely Gaming Person. I've been enjoying watching a couple of people play a game called Cosmoteer, it's a (currently) free to play spaceship building and combat game that's in its early days but it has a massive amount of potential. Here's the KatherineofSky playlist. Her latest ship has been called "Dragon" ... Coincidence ? A wonderful one if it is :-).

But yeah - the games help to (mostly!) distract me from worrying at my damaged bits although they do tire me out. I'm done with the games for tonight, although I'll be watching the stream on the laptop while some other gaming videos are on.

I should probably be reading in these downtime times ...

And I should probably not be watching the Lego building videos too ! If I had the money and the space to put the models, a lot of Lego would be getting built. There's just something about watching something start from nothing steadily come together and take shape as something amazing. That's the thing with Lego.

The current kit that is attracting my eye is the Lego Air Race Jet although some of the trucks and cranes with all the technic motor and pneumatic systems look amazing.

Temptation is a wonderful thing - but expensive !

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