Saturday, July 15, 2017

Continuing Adventures of Cmdr Sleepy

There haven't been that many adventures to be honest.
Some - but not too much time in there. A lot of that is down to me hitting that wall again in terms of health and energy. I haven't had bugs in any major way for a while but the energy is definitely struggling to be unlocked. And that's strange too, because since I figured out one reason why I wasn't sleeping*, I've actually been sleeping better.

*(I was tensing up while trying to drop off to sleep, the consequence of which was that the tensing up was keeping me awake. I'm looking to put my brain into a "relax all muscles" mode now which seems to be working).

However, I think I'm in one of the troughs in my cycle of manic-depression. Not had the proper manic for a little while, it takes energy to feed it. I do slip into it at work, purely due to wanting to get the throughput of the work done. And we're getting a lot done at the moment.

Work's a bit funny with that. We had a lull in some of the work up to the election and we're now catching up with that now. The hectic just means that the normal housekeeping stuff you'd keep on top of is pushed right until there is time again to deal with it. I'll throw myself into the working day and then collapse in a heap when I'm home. There's also the ongoing effect of my bad feet and other bad bits, they are fixing but the constant awareness of them is very wearing.

Watching the video game playing fits in quite well with that. Whereas I cut short an Elite session today due to finding it a bit too wearing, I'll rarely get bored with watching the gaming videos, although that's more a matter of being selective about what and who you're watching. (And I really must empty the washing machine too now it's finished !)

Anyway - Elite ...

A fortuitous combination of missions let me quickly upgrade the Adder into a Cobra Mk3.
That's Ranger. The Cobra Mk3 was the iconic ship from the original game. It's a smaller multi role ship, which does well at everything. Up to a point ... I even put guns on it, although I'd be running from anything significantly bigger or combat oriented.

That's the real trick in life as well as in games, pick your battles. Find a way around fights that you can't win, put all your effort into winning the fights that you have a chance at. Always go in with a winning attitude, even if the "win" condition is to avoid the battle.

Ranger spent most of its time in a couple of systems called Sothis and Ceos. They're a couple of hundred light years away from the small populated bubble of space and are very handy for mission running ... You can regularly get the maximum allowable amount of easy courier missions to run a circle between the 3 stations there.

I don't want to do that too much though, I'd rather go to a variety of systems and bounce between tasks instead of grinding away at a single task.

But yeah, a few trips around that loop plus the big paying long range courier mission on the way back gave the funds for the next upgrade :
Erm yep .... It's very similar to the Mk3. This is the Cobra Mk4 named Pathfinder, which has been pressed into service answering the call with the latest Community Goal.

A group called Null are looking to get an Asteroid Base built. These, along with Megaships, were added in the last major content patch and I want to see one at some point. Soon :-).

Yep. Latest community goal, thought I'd missed it but they've sponsored a repeat of it :
(Click for bigger and hopefully legible text!)

Yep. They've put a call out for tea and my Cobra Mk4 has been pressed into service to answer the call. It's quite odd doing this community goal. Before the reset, I would have been doing it in an Imperial Cutter with around 704t (depending on configuration) of cargo space. That easily puts you in the Top 25% or so inside a couple of runs. After a few runs in the Cobra with 72t at the moment, I'm in the Top 75%. It'll be a handy few million credit pay out which will go towards either :

An Asp Explorer - a long range ship that is very good at quickly going around the galaxy. Decent at trade too.
A Type 6 freighter - I really don't want to fly the freighters too much (they're too slow and move like bricks) but they are much better at moving cargo than the other ships. Handy for the community goals.

And then the aim for a little way off is to get a Python and attempt to do a run around the galaxy trading rare goods. I have a 90 odd stop route that I should really try and complete.

But for now it's :

Half watching the end of the Test Match cricket on the telly;
Half watching the T20 game they'll show later. Hopefully it doesn't get rained off like last night !
Stream watching, although I'm not quite sure which I'll watch. Probably Heychrissa;
Figuring out how to simultaneously watch the cricket, Grand Prix and World Endurance Championship tomorrow;
And emptying that washing machine !

And maybe some more Internet Spaceships when I have the interest and energy !

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