Sunday, March 12, 2017

Weekend Wandomness

I think this counts as a good weekend !

I have apparently been healing a lot this weekend ... About time too if you ask me.
Not quite sure what I've been doing though. It's been a chilled out weekend starting with watching Logan on Friday afternoon. It's a great film. I've been watching a few films lately ... On Saturday last week, it was A Cure For Wellness which was a very curious film. It had its theme running through and you never quite know whether the central character is imagining what's going on or not. Oh and there was the now traditional smuggling in of the popcorn too.

Yep. Great company made last weekend's film outing great fun.

Logan was good too. The highlight of it is looking at what happens to faded heroes. I identify with that a fair bit. It's been a good long while since I've Run. And by Run ... I mean Run Very Fast. Don't worry, that's not a harbinger of me coming back to cricket. At least .... it probably isn't. We'll see.

That might give you a clue to what's been happening this weekend.

On Friday before Logan, I took the chance to pick up more of the Miracle Healing Gunk ... (aka HC45 hydrocortisone cream). I was on the last dregs of what I had left, having been very sparing with it over the past couple of months. I'd been using Eurax cream which seemed to be helping but open wounds on my feet and ankles just weren't healing. You have to be careful with this stuff, at least I have to be. Too much and it'll cause problems of its own. It seems that if I keep swapping around what I use, I get the good benefits.

Guess what ...

Yep. I'm going to brave going to work tomorrow without the bandages that I've been sporting lately. I'll take them with me in case I have to put them on again. The worst bits of my ankles were on the place where the seam of your shoes are. I've been wearing my work shoes a lot lately when going out. Normally I'd only wear them for work but because my trainers are much harsher on that ankle part, I haven't been able to wear them. Same for my boots, they press in on the bad bit and rip it up.

It feels weird. The progress over the weekend has been very encouraging (on Thursday, the left ankle was especially nasty although that sorted itself out even before the HC45 influence). Chinese was the choice on Friday after getting back from Logan and I could feel that urge to pin the ears back and go for Speed.
Not had that for a while.

It's a good feeling. Maybe cricket ? Maybe ? The reactions are shot and I'd need new glasses but I bet that muscle memory is still there. Wonder if the arm would support bowling. Last time I tried, none of the various bowling actions I have or their variations worked. But the arm has had a few years to heal ... or stiffen.

More random thoughts ?

I've had a few random thoughts bouncing around lately. The good ones tend to evaporate before I can write them down though.

Actually won the lottery yesterday ! No silly. Didn't win money, just a free lucky dip entry into Wednesday's draw. Curiously, it was on the "pick least often drawn" system. The other systems have got me nothing, although I don't actually enter the lottery too often. It would be good to have that boost to the coffers though.

I'm watching too much telly ... Too much Star Trek Voyager to rewatch ! Plus I'm watching Earth Final Conflict as a daily. (Which means I save up a few episodes and watch several in a stretch). There were a few things that I missed out on about 15 years ago when they were on first time and Earth Final Conflict was one of them. There is a tree in the back yard that blocks the satellite signal ... and these shows were on satellite ...

This weekend's gaming has been a bit of Stellaris again. I started up a game which looks like it will be a rock solid foundation for rolling over the galaxy. It's a fairly well modded game with expansions that won't work when the next patch comes ... That's the thing with mods on these games, it can take time after a patch before the mods are available again and some mods just don't get maintained.

I started another Motorsport Manager campaign as well ... This time it's with another weak team looking to build into a world beater. I'll be mercilessly exploiting the lower division this time in order to farm achievements ... When I press the button on going for performance, I fully expect the team to be a few seconds ahead by the time I go up the leagues.

Can't just play the motor racing game though. I want to go through XCom 2 again at some point, especially as I bought a couple of expansions for that which I haven't tried yet.

There's a saying I keep coming up with though :

"If you're not enjoying something, give it a break. Don't do it. Do something else."

I apply that to games most of all. Some games, I've sunk lots of time in and realised that ... I'm not actually having fun with this game. You want to continue to see what kind of story is in there but sometimes that story is far too much effort to unlock. Stellaris gets like that. Cosmonautica definitely gets like that.

Elite is a very pretty game but ... very shallow. Once you done one trading binge, exploring binge or combat binge, there isn't very much new in there. Perhaps later when they add more to it. Multiplayer isn't the answer. I should look at Rebel Galaxy again, I quite enjoyed that one. And then there is the temptation of Starbound and Stardew Valley.

Cricket can be a mixed bag. Some games, are over almost before they begin. Other games are far more balanced. I liked cricket because something different could happen with every ball and I could genuinely make a difference by being a Scary Person in the field, madly capering around, pouncing on the ball (and not knowing what to do with it when I got it - but the batsmen didn't know that).

Gosh. The diminishing scroll bar tells me this post is getting long ... time to close.

Gaming - is being fun. Or is it ? It's definitely being a time filler.
Healing - is very promising .... Hopefully this week at work doesn't do much damage. Not out of the woods yet though.
Energy levels - hmm ... could do better, although that might be to do with a Stellaris induced missing of dinner last night.


Back to listening to .... more Stellaris !!! Enter Elysium is doing a playthrough of the Star Trek total conversion for Stellaris and that mod looks pretty promising so far. The game engine seems well suited and they've done a good job with the mod.

PS One more wandomness ! I may need to upgrade the PC soon ... and I'm torn between looking at AMD's new processor and staying with Intel. The usual thing of : Intel expensive but better quality, AMD cheaper but dodgier ... that's turning around apparently with AMD's new chip. But ... they only have the flagship model out at the moment which is too expensive for me. Oh well.

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