Tuesday, March 07, 2017

In case of writing block, find meme

I've been kinda stuck for things to write about lately. Or maybe not ... the ideas form in the head. Or rather, they half form and then evaporate before I get chance to turn them into something coherent.

Part of that is the usual Winter long haul between the Xmas break and the Easter break. I'm thinking of having my break before Easter again this year, that worked well last year.

But ... I'm procrastinating when there is memeing to be done ... Here goes !

✍ Tattoos...None. It does grate on me though when tattoo evangelists say that people without tattoos are weird. People who think they have the right to tell people what to do are weird.
😷 Surgeries...Just a nose job, to correct a broken nose. Before the operation, it was bent too far over for me to breathe through the nose properly ...
🏥 Broken bones... Ermm ... fingers, thumbs dislocated, shoulder dislocated, probable shin, stress in back (probable), nose, wrist, chip off my elbow.
🔫 Shot a gun...Multiple guns. Including a sniper rifle when recovering from that shoulder dislocation ... Worth it.
😕 Quit a job? Yes, although it was more mutual consent with the washing up.
✈️ Flown on a plane... Multiple times. Haven't flown an actual plane yet though.
🚙💨100+miles in a car... The trip to see the mum and dad is 180 miles, I'll do that in one go usually on the way back. Done 600 miles in a day once (I think).
🚁 Rode in a helicopter... Yes. And I confirm that the ground actively repels them.

⛑ Gone zip lining... Nope
🍼 Watched someone give birth...Nope. Sounds scary.

😯 Watched someone die...I don't think so. There was one fella in Northern Ireland who didn't look very well ... us kids on the way out of school moved on extremely quickly.
🍁 Been to Canada... Never. Wouldn't discount the possibility though. Canada sounds like a good place.
🚑 Ridden in an ambulance.. Not ... yet ...

🏦 Visited America... Just the once. Would like to visit Orlando again although there are other places in America that would be good to go to.
🌞 Visited London... Multiple times. It'll soon be time for the annual pilgrimage to Lords for the IST20 cricket and to Comic Con too.
🗻 Climbed a mountain... Yes, Snowdon ! Although it's not really "climb", more like "walk". You could even take a train up there. Snowdon is where this fella came from :

🎉 Gone to a Carnival or Parade... Carnivals yes, can't remember any parades though.
🎲 Visited a casino... Nope. Not yet ...
🍔 Eaten alone at a restaurant..... Previous answer from the person I grabbed this from (hello BK!) "Yes, many times. It's no big deal." Totally agree and you can get recognised for it too by the staff. Be recognised as someone who gives them due respect and you get better service.
🎤 Sang Karaoke..Not yet ... Oh well there was that one time when the Swedish Ladies of the WoW guild got me singing along to them. That was a lovely evening. And the other time where I did a test recording for a potential 1000th Sleepy Sings post. That microphone has never been found ...
🐶 Had a pet(s)... Not a pet where it was my responsibility to look after them but we did have the Scruff, the Goldie and lovely, lovely BenPup.
🎿 Been downhill skiing... Not yet. This is on the bucket list.
🎼 Ability to read music... I used to be able to. Could probably pick it up again quickly. But ... there's a massive difference between reading music and translating it into sound, be that in your head or through an instrument.
🚵 Rode a motorcycle... Nope. Curious though.
🏇 Rode a horse... Yes. A very long time ago when we lived in Northern Ireland.
🏥 Stayed in a hospital... Previous answer : "Yes. It goes with the surgeries. Hell on earth." Totally agree. My nose job happened at the height of summer and it was incredibly warm on the ward. Even overnight ... No sleep that night.
🏕 Slept outside... A few times. Camping gets you into excellent, clean air. It's been a while since I've done this.
🚗 Driven a stick shift (or normal car here in the UK) - Used to. But I prefer the hybrid system now. The problem with stick shifts is the inaccuracies that come in from flaws in the gearbox or the loss of power from when the clutch is in. And the likelihood of bogging down if you change up too early. But I'm thinking of my last manual gear car there and that Focus was Nasty.
🚓 Ride in police car? No
😇 Grandkids... Haha ! Kids first. Am I too old already ?
🚤 Driven a Boat...Not yet. But ... there is the Dream though. To own ... The Sleeping Dragon. It'll look like :

That's a Dutch Barge Luxemotor design. Definitely the dream. Probably more like a narrowboat.
🐌 Eaten Escargot... Nope. Not even curious about it.
🚢 Been on cruise.. No, although we did use the ferry to cross between Ireland and England regularly.
⛽️ Run out of Petrol/Diesel.. Nope. Although I did manage to get 54.3 litres into a 55 litre tank once. Oops.
🍣 Eaten sushi... Nope. Curious but not too curious.
👻 Seen a Ghost... Dunno here. You do see odd things though sometimes.

Hurrah ! Meme complete. I do like memes.

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