Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Limiting ....

Factor ?

Maybe speed. Maybe age. Maybe capacity. Maybe size. Energy, tolerance ? :-D

Breaking strain of a kitkat ! Yep. That's quite limited. Or is it breaking strain of my ability to resist the Mini Eggs ...
Or how you can break up an Easter Egg before opening the foil on the outside. That's quite satisfying in a curious way. I'll hold the Easter Egg maybe 12 inches above my desk and let it drop. Do that a few times and it's usually broken up enough to happily munch.

(Don't take it out of the foil before dropping. That'll be messy and you'll have the crime of losing chocolate as it goes everywhere).

I do apologise. I am on the rambles ...

Last weekend was a family visit weekend ! Something to do with Mothers Day. We always make the trip back, plus flowers appear. I'll also get flowers for Craziequeen, because she's helped me out a lot over the past 17 years. The flowers are a good thank you.

I do still miss the Ben Pup though. You hear little noises around their house and you think there's a little Pooch Nose about to poke in, say hello and check things out. I bet he misses the steak too. I miss the steak that the mum and dad cook.

The travel still knocks me out. I'll hang in there this week, chill out next weekend and then it's just one more week until I have a week off. Definitely chill out time.

I'll be ok though. What I had been very worried about was how damaged I got on Saturday. Wasn't doing much, just driving around Lincolnshire with the mum and dad. Not really walking much, or being too strenuous but all that time inside socks, bandages and my trainers wasn't good for my ailing feet.

Apparently not as bad as it looked though. I could probably go through tomorrow at work without the bandages. Progress ! I'll keep them on for the rest of the week (well - when I'm wearing the socks). The bandages protect my feet and ankles against me as much as the outside world.

Limiting ... speed ?

I weakened tonight and picked up a copy of Mass Effect Andromeda. I'll be looking forward to finding a chance to play through that. It's a great universe that they've made for this game and this fourth game transplants it to a whole new galaxy.

The download for it is actually limiting my internet connection ! (This doesn't happen too often).
Run internets ! Run fast !

Yep. My network currently has 2 streams running from the internet (one to desktop, one to laptop). It has the Mass Effect download just finishing now. And my laptop is streaming audio to my hifi. I use the old Airport Express system which I think is being killed off by Apple, a pity because it's an excellent system. With the game download, I'm actually having to reduce the speed on the streams to stop them from lagging ...

Crikey ... I'm using the cable internet (I'm not giving them free ads) and it's behaving itself today. Despite the big download and streams, it's still pulling the data in at 75Mbps. Since I ditched their awful Superhub, the network has been excellent. The Superhub means I now avoid Netgear bits, because the big problem it has is deep within the bits Netgear are responsible for (continual disconnects from WoW when I still played, plus I'd have to reset everything every night for that audio streaming).

My laptop is probably getting closer to end of life too. It's not there yet but I did think I might have killed it on the weekend.

I have more beef with Apple. Apparently they disabled support for the network wifi widget I use to correct the problems with my laptop. I can plug it in, it's detected but the laptop won't allow it to turn on. This is a change that's been made since Mac OS Sierra came in. The widget worked on 10.8.5.

Anti Owner practices like that are why I will no longer recommend anything by Apple. I can't see the reasoning behind locking out devices like that. The rummaging around with new drivers nearly bricked the laptop. I retrieved it ... but that was nervous.

No new laptop yet. The trigger will be when the hard disc runs out of space. It still has 57GB free, out of 250, so it has a while to go yet. With the high entry cost of Macs, it still owes me more than the 3.5 years it has given me so far. I'm more likely to upgrade the desktop at the moment, currently looking at AMD's Ryzen processor and hoping it'll give good price/performance.

Wow - tired.

I think after one stream ends tonight (feel better soon Chris - much pain with that one today and yesterday) I'll be starting off a Sleepy Ryder character in Mass Effect Andromeda and then chilling with more videos. Tiredness is real.

If I don't post again before, look out for the 3 posts that will drop in quick succession on Friday night (starting 12.30 on April 1st). I hope you enjoy them. In the tradition of April 1st, they're out for laughs most of all. And to make you wonder if they're actually true ...

Let me know what you think of them !

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