Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Weird Stuff You Think About When Attempting To Sleep

Sleeplessness is a bit of a bane of my life at the moment.

I can be yawning away in the evenings and be on the verge of sleep ... until the time comes to actually go to bed. Then I'll still be yawning away but ... not going to sleep.
Tis frustrating.

But my brain will also fire off in all sorts of random directions while I'm trying to shut it down for sleep. What are the daft ideas coming out of it lately ? I can't remember most of it because the ideas tend to evaporate by the time I wake up but ...
Lego Star Destroyer.

Yep. My brain was attempting to design a Lego Star Destroyer. You can still acquire Lego Star Destroyers but a medium size one (I think the microfighter one is a bit too ickle) would be £70 minimum on Ebay. A proper size one would be £200+. Mad.

I reckon I could design one out of bits. I think the Lego Millennium Falcon would give me pointers for things like the off horizontal wedge that dominates the Star Destroyer design.

Yep. Brain was giving me lots of ideas last night. I may even remember them at some point. Here goes :
Hinge pair pieces that let you make angles;
The angles would make the iconic wedge design;
Technic pins to put bits together;
More angle bits to create areas like the engines at the back stern;
I know how I'd do the shield domes and the energizer dome.

What is the source for this idea ?
There we go. Apologies for the blurriness on some of those. It's something like 1 pic for each bag of bits for the Falcon and shows it coming together. Lego is a bit of a discovery project as you see it slowly coming together.

The finished article looks great.

Yep. Feels good. What's next ? Most likely, a Metal Earth R2D2 which has intimidated me since I received it for my birthday. My first attempt at Metal Earth was an XWing which didn't go so well. Too fiddly.

There were other things bouncing around in my head too. The other night it was some kind of Hunger Games inspired montage where an orphan girl-lady-child was sitting on her bench in the bunker watching the situation steadily disintegrate around her. Conditions getting worse, things like plentiful water going to shortages and rationing due to policies from the politicians. The politicians made the ice miners into scapegoats and they're the ones who made the water available. I suspect the Hunger Games aspect came from remembering the movies that the actress in Passengers (Jennifer Lawrence) previously starred in.

Odd dream. Possibly inspired by the constant thought that's going into the impending writing of book.

I'm pretty sure I know what that book will be now. It'll be a scifi universe thing where a group of colonists have to escape their home planet in a rush, before that home planet annihilates itself in a civil war. There will be a huge amount in there that borrows from what we're seeing in the world at the moment.

There's a lot of struggle happening. A lot of it is down to the crowd and herd instinct making people go down some very dark paths. Intolerance making things difficult for those who are seen as being something different.

This story would start out as people attempting to escape that before it explodes.

Kinda wish we could do that with our current world ?

Writing the thoughts into a book would be a bit like escaping that world by making up a new one.

Last ramble for tonight - I watched Passengers last night. It was a great evening, I really enjoyed the movie and the company. The movie drew out a tear or two as well. Great story, dodgy scifi ... but scifi that worked in supporting the story. One of the central aspects is a decision ... which I won't spoil. I'd like to think I'd have made the opposite choice, although you don't know what madness will do to you.

No. I'd have written. I would have made up a person to write for and ... wrote to her. Bit like this blog !

It's a great film. Best film I've watched this year so far. Oh wait ... it's the 4th of Jan ! It's the only film I've watched so far this year !

Hopefully my brain will behave itself a bit better tonight and let me sleep more.

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