Monday, January 23, 2017

Decision made, decision to come

How did Saturday's trip to the car people go ?

Hmm ... I still have the money spending guilt. :-)
Yep. It's on the way. Just as you see above. Shiny and red and wind up powered. Ok. Maybe not like that. But there's something new on the way.

I think you already know what it might be.
Yep. A thing of beauty. Definitely not one of these :
That abomination barely even sailed, it wouldn't be good at all on land.

Could it be ... something classic ?
Truly a beautiful old thing. If somewhat lacking in modern attributes like water proofing. And reliability. (The old Spitfire could be a bit temperamental and needed TLC in a way modern cars don't).

I'll show a pic of what I've been agreeing to spend the money on in a bit. I suspect you have already guessed what it is ...

It isn't the Lexus GS. That one would have been a superior car to what I'm getting in terms of toys but ... it's also bigger, less speedy and more thirsty. It's just a bit bigger than what I like to drive, which is one reason why the NX that my sister has was rejected as a possibility. It was about the same list price but less deposit contribution and higher interest rate.

It isn't the Lexus RC either, that's the coupe version of what I have now. That's also slightly slower and thirstier. Dunno why there as it should be a lightened, speedy, sporty version. Perhaps the chassis has been beefed up to cope with the power of the V8 5 litre edition of the RC ... Maybe. Nah. This one got rejected due to me having difficulty clambering out of it and also ... less deposit contribution and higher interest rate.

I'll get to what's coming in a bit ...
It's not of those either. If I had trouble getting out of the RC, think of the problems involved in getting out of that monster. Besides, I do enjoy the company of other people in the car and ... I think passengers would be riding on the anti crash roll fin of that car. I don't think they'd like that.

I do have to hand it to the Lexus people. It's only happened a couple of times where I've gone back to a garage again after buying a car from them. Indeed, in the family, it has rarely happened although I think the parents have been doing that lately with their car changes. The Lexus people are different ...

(disclosure note - I'm paying them, they're not paying me outside of normal business deposit contributions and they definitely don't know I'm writing this !)

... they look after their customers. Instead of treating you like muck, they get to know you. They want you coming back. They want your business. They want you as a repeat buyer because you get treated well and you like the cars.

With my car, it's been legendary in its quality. The only reason I was interested in changing was the seats, I think they were steadily destroying my back and shoulders. The upgrades the car has involve much better seats. And there are a few more upgrades too. I'm hoping that the upgrades see their way through to improved handling (the old one was a bit reluctant to be thrown around corners) and better low speed performance in Normal driving mode. I'd drive mine around in Eco because Normal would kangaroo hop on the slow down to traffic lights.
Nope. Not one of those.

The day was a bit of a bust actually. I'd planned to get the car serviced and after that, chill out with a wander around Cheltenham, cruising the shops. The town was packed ! Pretty busy. All the munchie places were definitely packed out. I retreated from all of them with a definite sense of Too Many People ! I also checked out what was on at their cinema ... if I had done that though I'd have been watching Rogue One again (wouldn't mind but it'll be with company if I see it at the cinema again) and I'd have been having popcorn for lunch.

Don't think that's healthy.

I'm pretty exhausted now, although that's mostly self inflicted due to going to bed way too late. And then yawning my head off while trying to sleep ... instead of nodding off. That's really annoying ...

Another decision will be to finally get scribbling with that novel I'm looking to write. That's going to be more and more inspired by what's happening in the world at the moment and specifically ... America. I hope he doesn't damage the world as much as it looks like he will. Yep. There will be a lot in that novel inspired by what we're seeing at the moment, from GB and other governments too. One of the trigger motivations for switching the car now instead of in a few months time is that the UK government is dismantling the tax breaks that low emission cars like mine have. I don't think the £140/year will be applied to my current or next car but if I had waited a couple of months, it would have been.

That's Mr Osborne again. Although the price rises due in Feb are pure Brexit.

And that's too much politics for here.

What's the decision to come ?
Grey Ghost 2 will need a name ... Yep. I'm getting something that will look on the outside very much like what I have. But I'm rarely looking at the outside (bit like Elite and the cosmetic ship paint jobs !). I'm more interested on the insides. The toy count. The handling of the car. How relaxed it is to drive. The reliability.

And this one should be as good as the last one. But ... she needs a name ... It cannot be Grey Ghost 2 ! Suggestions in the comments :-).

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