Sunday, January 01, 2017

Thoughts about ... all kinds of spoilering


So that episode of Sherlock was, as a very good friend likes to say, emotional. But I better not say why cos ... you know ... spoilers.

The thought got into me to talk a little about spoilers. Partly where I see them, partly what I do to avoid them. (Oh and I'll say a little about holiday Sleepy too). But first ...

Happy new year !
May you have an excellent 2017. And definitely a better year than most people's 2016's seem to have been. My 2016 was mixed I think. I'm in a better situation now than I was in at the start of the year. I still have the problems with my outsides which I hoped would have been fixed by now. The condition seems to be constantly evolving. But more about that in a bit.

Spoilers first. All the spoilers.

I've gone kind of out of my way a couple of times recently to try and get the maximum enjoyment out of a few things by not getting spoiled as to what's going to happen. There's things like :

Rogue One - seeing that as early as feasible because I just knew it was going to be spoiled. As it happens, for this and The Force Awakens last year, spoilers were fairly easy to avoid. For me at least, I was seeing reports of malicious comments coming in to the internet personalities which were detailed spoilers. I can avoid that but the internet personality people can't. It's no wonder some of them turn reclusive.

I just finished watching Sherlock and there is massive spoiler potential in that. A reasonable episode I thought, although it was really dragging in its first half hour. It warmed up though. The author tends to be a bit too impressed with his own cleverness sometimes, we see that in Doctor Who as well.

With the cricket, I try and watch that as live. If it starts in our early morning, like an India tour typically starting play at 3.30am our time, then I'll record the weekend's play and watch it time delayed. I enjoy having it on more there, where I don't know what's going to happen.

(And then I get bored and fast forward until Important Things actually happen)

It's a sense of not wanting to know what's going to happen, before it occurs. We enjoy the surprise more if we don't know exactly what's coming.

The ending of Rogue One was definitely unexpected. Well. Part of it was expected, part different. I was very curious though, because I've played through a similar story to what was happening in Rogue One through the X Wing game. Or rather, I played a little of X Wing (it was a very tough game, unfair daft missions meant I gave up when the enjoyment evaporated). That game is set around the same time, in the lead up to Star Wars A New Hope and part of it involves how the Rebels get the Death Star plans.

The game is still available on GoG if you really want to slog through it but ... that timeline is wholly gone now and there are far better space games out there.

And I am still silly tempted by this space ship skin :

PS Go see Rogue One. It's an excellent movie. And they got the excitement going for it supremely well, hyping it up through the trailers without giving away too much of what would be happening in the movie. Good job.

Contrast that to a certain Terminator movie, which gave away a critical plot point in the trailers and ... in the animation reel in the menus of the bluray/dvd. The people responsible for that need to have every major movie spoiled as they go in. Or similar punishments like being forced to watch BBC. (I suffered through the last bit of the new Open All Hours ... it was a pale shadow of what Ronnie Barker created).

This holiday has been a fairly chilled out one. Some repairs have happened, some damage has occurred. Same old story huh .... Gaming has happened, perhaps a bit too much gaming. I've done another couple of stay up all night events ... One was planned and involved pizza. Because I don't seem to be able to have pizza at the moment without a sleepless night due to acid attacks. If I don't go to sleep, I can cope with the acid better. (It is much more unpleasant if I'm lying down).

The other one involved Stellaris ... the space strategy game. At 4am this morning and still going strong it didn't seem worth going to sleep. Besides, there was a big metal mystery globe examining a black hole and I wanted to know what it was up to. And the latest race is pretty mean. They've got a sufficient lead now to allow them to go to a total war mode now, steamrollering the galaxy before them.

How am I doing though ?

I'm learning more about my external condition. I don't think I can use the Aveeno any more, which is a shame because it seemed to be helping out a fair bit. My outsides are still dry but that's a consequence of how much damage I have. With the Aveeno moisturiser, it dampens but also leaves behind something which I don't think is helping.

Oh well. It did really well for a time and I have a back up plan, next time I go shopping I'll pick up some Eurax ... another special moisturiser that I've heard good things about from multiple sources.

And my outsides seem to be trying to heal themselves on their own now. I just have to figure out how to protect them for long enough for them to fix up. And not redamage them ...

That's the real trick though. I'm used to going : IMPERFECTION .... DESTROY !!! Which just leads to the damage lasting longer and getting worse as I attack bad bits. It does feel as if it is trying to fix though, which is a welcome change. May that continue ...

And I'm rambling ...

Spoilers are bad. Try to avoid giving them out because you'll wreck someone's enjoyment if you do. And it's not funny. Far too many people on the internet have the wrong idea of what's funny. Something funny to one person can completely crush another. Or it just may kill off a series. I read all of David Weber's Honorverse books up until the last, which I didn't finish. I actually spoiled myself on the wiki pages ... which broke all motivation to read the 1200 page book. May have saved myself some pain there.

May you have an excellent 2017. Hopefully I finally fix up !

Something I saw earlier (A Facebook nametest site thing) said I'd find the object of my dreams at London Excel arena. There happens to be a boat show there next week ... Not narrowboats though. Barges are off the table (water?) there.

I have lots of new music to listen to ... A bit of raiding happened while I was at my parents house (old stuff, still good). And donating a bit to the Yogscast jingle jam got me a bunch of awful games which happen to have some promising soundtracks. I doubt whether I'll ever install the games (except to raid the soundtracks) but I've been enjoying some odd music from them.

And I'm looking forward to watching Passengers on Tuesday too.

Not long until we go back to work !! It'll be a fortnight off for me but it's absolutely flown by. I don't feel quite ready to go back yet. Not bored enough yet. Or is that me not feeling the bored due to having been awake for over 36 hours now.

Could be.

Post and zzzzzz !!!! Nite all, have a great new year with much enjoyment that isn't spoiled for you.

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