Wednesday, September 28, 2016

HC45 is Bae

I have a few feelings bouncing around me at the moment ...
Let's see ...

Tired. Definitely tired. This is mostly from an abused system that's still recovering from the devastation that happened to my outsides. Also from lack of sleep. Working on both of those now :-). Things are hopefully getting back to healthy again now.

Relief. This is from something actually working for a change with me looking for my outsides to improve ! Yep. There's been dramatic improvements which I'll talk about in a bit. The relief comes from being able to be a bit more normal in how I am around the house.

Over the last couple of weeks, I've been wearing shorts in order to not have anything disrupt my legs and ankles. I've been keeping warm with a towel to keep that heat in but it's still been ... uncomfortable ? Well tonight, I'm in the comfy pants/trousers I bought yesterday and ... I have socks on for the first time at home in a few weeks.

The Hc45 cream I picked up on Monday has worked wonders. It's a hydrocortisone thingy, a topical steroid that's supposed to amp up the healing. I did use a fair bit of it on Monday evening but I didn't expect the healing to have been this good. Start the Hc45 on Monday, not need to wear my ankle bandages at work today. Awesome.

The healing isn't done yet. There was quite extensive damage to the skin on my left foot, less damage on my right. That'll take time to fix and until then, the skin will be tight and weak. I have the hopes though.

Next feeling ?

Busy. It's pretty busy at work at the moment. Can't tell you here what I'm doing but ... yep. It's busy.

Finding the fun.

Stream chat was mental last night. I was laughing out loud on many occasions. Part from what Chrissa was up to, a lot from how the people in chat were throwing the daft comments around. There was a lot of fun there. It was huge fun, if the Hc45 healing gave me hope of feeling better, getting involved in the chat gave me the chance to demonstrate that. To let out that joy feeling if you will.

Celebrating the Ben. That old pup is still with us, may he be with us for much longer ! I have been showing his pictures around and ... he's quite a photogenic old pup that one. Everybody loves the old geezer.

Bit sad that Kim hasn't acknowledged any of the pics she's had over the Twitters but ... that's kind of expected now. I'll be getting lost in the noise. I barely watch any of Kim's videos now (not enough time, no interest in what she's doing now) but if a "I'm ill, send pics !" appears, that calls to a part of me that just wants to help out people. Anyone. Everyone. I'll try and help them out, bring out a smile, if they've asked for it. I like it when there's acknowledgement but ... she's ill, I help and that helping is the only thing that really matters in the end.

Bit wondering what to watch !

I'll often have the sport on the telly. However, the combination of cricket season and the Olympics tends to sport me out somewhat. I kept up with what happened in the Paralympics but I never really watch it. Bit of sport fatigue perhaps. I'll have half an eye on the Formula 1 this weekend though, even if the result tends to be a foregone conclusion with not much interest in the race itself.

The body is rebelling at the moment. Perhaps it's a side effect of the Hc45 ? Maybe. It's worth it if it is. My muscles aren't too happy and they're trying to cramp up at every chance. I'll happily live with that if it means getting my outsides back in good condition again. I think it's dehydration though. More water needed !


I get to interact with some wonderful people that keep me smiling, keep me looking for ways to get them smiling. I get enough cash to do what I want to do. Not everything I want to do (houseboat !) but definitely within my means. Yes. And that miracle cure cream is doing its stuff.

About that ... The Hc45 has done well in a short time. I had been using Savlon but ... I think it was making it worse as much as it was helping. Some things work for some people, other things work for others.

Hungry/yearning. I'm half watching Bake Off at the moment and they have cake ... I am so looking forward to the German Market coming back. They have some awesome munchies which I will be partaking of liberally.

Curious. But I'll let you wonder about what I'm curious about. Gotta have me secrets !

On that note ... Cya !

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