Monday, October 03, 2016

All About Those .... Song Requests ?

Currently waiting for stream to start.
I do enjoy watching the streams, they've been great for relaxing both for watching the game, listening to the streamer and having fun with chat. It does vary, chat, sometimes it's manic fun. Sometimes you get the trolls come in and cause trouble (our mods are excellent). But most of the time, it's awesome.

Good enough in fact that I signed up to a Twitch account to join in with this chat and ... subscribed ...

Because supporting people who do Good Things is the way to keep them doing Good Things instead of, you know, having to get a different job in order to pay the rent and the other bills. Same goes for people who make the music we love. Pirating the music means the artists won't be able to continue making the music. (Bit like using ad-blockers when watching streamers !)

Anyway. I was hoping to watch the stream tonight but it looks like tech issues might win. Oh well. That'll mean ... early night ! I'm much improved on the outsides but still really tired. I suspect that might have something to do with my last couple of leave periods being disasters for trying to rest up and get some energy back due to my outsides reacting and getting much worse. Hopefully I'll have better from the week off I have coming at the end of October.

Tonight would have been a Subnautica and chill stream, where the subscribed people can request songs to be played. I have a few queued up. It would have been bad to waste them. Ok. Maybe not bad. Perhaps it would have been a service to not put these links up. Maybe.

Ok. Here they are :

Opening request would have been Hello Kitty by Avril Lavigne. Because our Chrissa was promising truly obnoxious Kitty style headphones tonight which have apparently broken her whole streaming set up. It'll be fixed :-), these things happen.

Next one lined up was Hanuman by Rodrigo y Gabriela. It was used in the Puss In Boots movie. Great bit of instrumental guitar music.

And the last of the cat theme ... Everybody Wants To Be A Cat from The Aristocats. We have one of the regulars in the chat who hates Disney. And we remind them of the Disney at every opportunity.

But as well as the more trolly stuff, I'll pick stuff I really like plus stuff I know our Chrissa loves.

Bring on the Spice Girls ... tonight's would have been Goodbye. Gotta admit, Spice Girls was something that passed me by while I was being addicted to Alisha's Attic.

Talking of gorgeous songs, here's one from Tori Amos - Bells For Her. It's from the amazing Under The Pink which was all about soft sad songs with piano. Fantastic album.

Because our Chrissa was starting to feel a bit sorry for herself (tech problems are awkward), out come the Cardigans with Beautiful One. A hug in a song.

Although she might be a little more Angel of Sadness at the moment. (Ouch - just listening, it's her own channel and she's murdering her own song !)

Anyone got any more Cat themed songs for us ?

I hope you have some lovely chill out evenings lined up, wherever you are. Me ? I'm off to watch a few more gaming videos. Mentally, I'm not really there at the moment to want to dive into games at the moment. Tiredness is putting me off. But it's been awesome to :

Watch the various videos of people playing the games, enjoying what they're playing with them.

Better to watch the streams, where our Queen Of The Salt Age entertains us with the quality gameplay and how on earth can she keep up with the chat like she does !

Have a great evening and ... random hug for those who may need one :

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