Sunday, September 25, 2016

Inspiring People

Someone inspired me to write something about a few people who keep me going, bring out the smile or just just me a little bit of a lift.

You know, those people who make things a little bit easier.

There are two kinds of these people - the ones you don't see too often but who give you a wave when you catch them and those that are a constant support, whether you asked for it or not.

Or even those who you've never seen in person but cheer you up regardless.
I think I'm needing that pick me up at the moment. I am in general, in better condition than I was a month or so ago. Damaged bits of me are steadily healing up into invisibility. I was just remarking in stream chat last night about the chunk that was missing out of my ear at one point, that's all healed up now. It's my ankles that are getting me down now, they just aren't getting the chance to heal up.

But I was meaning to talk about people who keep me going, not about what's dragging me back.
Let's start with the LTK (need a better name for you my dear !) who is constantly on those communicators and messengers reacting to the craziness that I send across. She'll be reading this at some point too and I hope the smile I pass on catches. I get huge amounts of encouragement from LTK and it lets me take down some of the guardedness I have around most people.

In fact, most of the people I'll natter about here are ones I can take the armour off around. It's not just armour about not upsetting people, it's being able to talk about the hard stuff. Especially the condition with my outsides that I've been struggling with.

But yeah. LTK has the advantage of context as we work in similar areas and can therefore understand the world that causes us stress. And that helps us both deal with it more. With the daft comments that bring out the chuckles.

And talking about chuckles, Oh Cupid's Gift, how you make me smile with every message that comes in. It really gives me a lift, even if the message is about dark stuff. It's taking that time to share, to look for a little help, a texty hug, a chuckly bubble (or a bubbly chuckle). An ability to cut through some of the fuzz that comes from the latent autistic tendencies I have. They're there.

She's having a tough time at the moment, which is partly why we haven't talked as much as I might like but ... every time a message comes in, it lifts the heart.

I'm listening/watching another lady who brings out the smiles. Yep. HeyChrissa streamer lady again. I haven't been paying as much attention as usual to the streams, the attention goes up and down according to the interest in the game being played. But it is awesome when this Pretty Lady sees a message, chuckles at it and reads it out. It does help that she makes the streams the most interesting of the streamers I know of.

People like me need to be noticed. It makes us happy when we are and far too sad when we think we're being ignored.

Back to people I see around - Cyberkitten is a constant prop. Cos he's my neighbour, we'll see each other on the bus and exchange the daft messages over communicator at work. I'll occasionally press gang him into sitting in the passenger seat of the car so I get into the car park. He's one of the good guys.

Another fella from the communicators is Luth. He's going through an uncertain time as well at the moment but hopefully I keep him lifted up out of dark moods. He's one that I can talk about my various ills too, with understanding coming from mutual knowledge. We don't have the answers but can help each other look for them.

Who actually inspired this post ?

I met someone called here as Miss L ... maybe 11 years ago now ? It was when my last major relationship was broken up and ... you guessed it, I was rebounding on to this lady. I couldn't help it ! A combination of attractivenes, intelligence and humour was irresistable. And I spotted Miss L at work on Friday, with her pulling out that amused half smile when she spotted me. I always get the impression that she's about to burst into laughter (of the "what daft thing is he going to do ?" kind) when she sees me.

If you can pull out the smiles in someone, that makes you both feel better.

I seem to bring out the smiles in more of the ladies around work too. From the one who does the regular cleaning on our floorplate, there's a shy smile that she tries to hide when she spots me looking up and meerkat grinning. She shouldn't hide it, it's a beautiful smile.

Oh and the canteen ladies too. I really should find out their names as I've lost the names of the current bunch. They look after me (it's the little things like remembering me). I'm not sure why. Perhaps it's a touch of respect when talking to them ? Treat your canteen people right and you'll get Nice Things. After all, they are the custodians of the Nice Munchable Things.

Who else we got ?

I really must give the mum and dad a call soon. It's been a bit too long. We're a pretty independent bunch but it's still good to keep in touch. On my end, it's not wanting to be too depressing about the condition of my outsides. Still. The sister will be curious about the new Hannah Peel* album too.

*(4 albums since last post ! Granted, 2 of them are soundtracks I've had for a while but ...)

I'm lucky to have more awesome colleagues who keep me smiling too. From the ladies in the office downstairs. Actually offices cos there is Mrs Sunshine and Snow Queen in one side with Wayne's Women on the other side. And the ones on my floorplate too, the Architect, the Commercial and the Repairer.

I still have a good place to work in. There are frictions but they're manageable.

And ... whoosh ! Another wall of text post.

There are some amazing people out there. And I'm lucky enough to know a few who really help in keeping me going. Including LTK, Cupid's Gift, those Canteen Girls and even those who just barely touch my life like Miss L.

Shine bright ladies, you're awesome. And not just those who I have mentioned here. There's only so much room in one post you know ;-). But it's hugely appreciated when I see the feedback come in.
Nite !

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