Monday, September 12, 2016

Tired - send pizza

I feel like I've been hit by that truck again !

I am improving in general though. My outsides are gradually being reclaimed from the condition that's afflicted me these past years. There are still awkward bits and I have to manage the condition but ... it's getting there.

Hopefully when it finally fixes, I'll get some of the old energy back. It does help to have a good sleeping pattern with that though and I'm still losing the sleep. And I'll probably grab another week of leave from work at the end of October. That's not fixed yet and it depends on what's happening.

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I actually kinda wanted to do another music post. Haven't done one for a while. What have I been acquiring and listening to lately ?

I pick up on music from various sources. I'm always on the lookout for new stuff to listen to, whether it be from tips from friends or what I hear around me. The HeyChrissa streams have been pointing me towards some great songs too lately.

Candyland by Tobu is one of those ... It's a wonderfully tappy, bouncy, happy tune, as catchy as it is likely to send you into wiggly chair dance boppiness. HeyChrissa uses it or other tracks on the NCS Infinity non-copyright music collection as startup songs for her streams. It's a little bit of awesome.

The album I have on currently is Moon Safari by Air and I've linked songs from it before but 2 are so good they always bear relinking. Here is All I Need. A wonderful song, chilled out with lyrics and a tune that you melt into.

The latest album I bought was Every Open Eye by Chvrches. I haven't listened to all of it yet but my favourite so far is Down Side of Me. This group is promising. I can see me collecting all their albums ...

There are 3 albums that I have my eye on for getting soon ... Norah Jones has a new one coming, KT Tunstall has one out today. And then there's Lisa Hannigan with that fragile but oh so sweet voice. I haven't picked them up ... just yet.

I just remembered back to a song that gripped me by the throat and didn't let go until I looked firmly lipsmacked. It's The Veronicas with Untouched.

And yes. I am singing along to Untouched at the moment. Or rather I am singing along to Song For The Leftovers which is a classic from A Camp, the project Nina Persson started up after The Cardigans. Another excellent live song was Laura by Bat For Lashes.

What else have I acquired lately ?

Angus and Julia Stone provided music for the Life is Strange game ? This album got played as warm up music too and I kinda liked the jinglyjangly soft guitar music. Especially liked Hold On.

I got a soundtrack sampler with the new Deus Ex game too ... must play that soon when I have the mental energy to give it a good crack.

A fairly old soundtrack I picked up is Ghostbusters. Yep, the original. It's still a classic but I haven't wanted to pay much for it. £3 was a bargain. I have a synthesizer version of the theme tune somewhere from When Computers Were Old and it was actually pretty good.

Reaching back a little :

Sia - 1000 Forms Of Fear - great voice, so so songs.
Bat For Lashes - The Bride - incredible voice, inspired songs.
Garbage are still kicking it with Strange Little Birds. Here's Magnetized.
Massive Attack are capable of extreme beauty in their songs. Here's Teardrop (I actually bought Blue Lines but ... Teardrop !)
Passenger - All The Little Lights. Not my usual music but you need variation to keep things interesting.
Sia again with This Is Acting - same comment, great voice, so so songs.

One last one and then I'm done for tonight. After all this illness and bad outsides, I want to kick start my life again. And what better song to represent that than ... Goldfrapp I Wanna Life from the Head First album.

Cya ! And be healthy, be happy.

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