Monday, March 28, 2016

Sleepy go work now ?

Would really much prefer to be as the dwagon in the thumbnail.
Or the ever lovely Ben.
That one knows the value of a good set of zzzz's.

Back to work tomorrow though. There are still a few hours of leave to go though and I fully intend for them to be very chilled out. Earlier, I was watching more of the cricket and another couple of good games today involving Sri Lanka vs South Africa ladies and Sri Lanka vs South Africa men. I've enjoyed watching the games in this Twenty20 world cup so far. It's not the pinnacle of cricket, although it's become the big business attraction. It's a bit of fun, nothing more. The results are so random that it's not a case of the best team winning. It's more a matter of which individual plays a blinder on the day. And that's not what cricket should be about, it's a team game.

At the moment, I have a River City People album on in the background (Say Something Good, the one with California Dreamin' on it) and a Heychrissa stream is just starting up. I may also put another Nanomon together tonight.

I've been gaming too, the game of choice for me at the moment is Rebel Galaxy. I'm really enjoying that one. Here's my current ship :
That's a Mastodon class light frigate and is the first ship up after the starter ship. It's doing me well so far as I learn how to play the game and what does best. At the moment, I have Big Pink Lasers that make bad guy ships melt. This is good.

Plans for tomorrow include (after work!) topping up again on supplies, they've actually lasted about right this time. Could do with more Easter Eggs ... although the locust horde was already descending on the supermarket last Monday. I'm not holding my hopes up for discount eggs, the supermarket I intend to raid tends to jiggle its stock around quickly and I suspect they won't have any eggs tomorrow evening.

Few stats ... I haven't listened to as much music as usual (due to having the cricket on!) for a break but there's been a fair bit listened to while gaming and videos have been on. iTunes tells me I have listened to 917 different tracks (some duplicate) since starting my leave. That works out to 2.2 days of music listening to.

I dunno how much video I've watched but since resetting the counter at the start of my break, I've downloaded 116GB down the internets to my desktop (the counter only knows about what the desktop does, it doesn't count the many bits and bytes taking my music from laptop to hifi) and those 116GB includes downloads for games.

I'm getting really distracted by separating my attention between stream, singing along to some of the music and tapping out this post (and an iPad game) so I'd better sign off.

Oh - quick note before I go, I've rejigged a little of the stuff you see over to the right (on the normal web template, not the mobile one). The Fuelly sticker got taken off because I stopped updating that a few years ago when my attention span withdrew inwards due to what was happening with my outsides.

I've tidied up a few links as well as adding in a new section for gaming people. There aren't too many gaming people links there yet, instead of adding all the people I occasionally watch, I added the people where I watch most of what they come out with. Word of warning ... they can be dangerous ...

Totalbiscuit has made me get many games due to his enthusiasm for games he loves. It's infectious. May that continue for many years to come (he is fighting cancer and hopefully beating it).
EnterElysium is the fella who got me interested in From The Depths. His videos of that are oft chuckle inspiring.
Aavak is another From The Depths person, he's making me want to check out another building game called Robocraft.
Scott Manley is the King of Kerbals and has taught me pretty much all I know about orbital mechanics. Which isn't much but hey ...
And HeyChrissa is guilty for me getting back into the legos ... May she get enough cash soon for the Chrissa Needs A Lego XWing fund.

I have to say, the internet is a pretty toxic place but that HeyChrissa stream is the first one to get me encouraged to actually get a Twitch account and join in with the chat. That's partly down to the chat being awesome, partly down to the streamer interacting with the chat (interesting to listen to as well, mixing her own observation with one hell of a potty mouth, whatever will she come out with next ?).

It's great to chill out to. I'll often start watching with the intention of reading something and then just watch the stream. In fact, I should do that now ! She's playing a gorgeous looking ... tech demo for VR called Adrift. Astronaut lost in space navigating a space station that's been ripped apart by some calamity. It has absolutely stunning visuals and this window is covering them up !

Cya !

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