Monday, March 14, 2016

Random Mondayness

Random thoughts today ! Completely random ones ! Anything could happen in the next half page !

Really looking forward to the Easter break. I'm having mine next week because I'm pretty beat. Energy reserves are low, combined with the effects of a heavy cold which just isn't shifting. (I feel better today and was croaking along to Seal last night).
But yeah, that kinda sums me up on the bus this morning.

Before getting in.

Before the teacake.

Teacakes are life.

Did I mention something about randomness ?

Dunno what I'll be up to next week. It will definitely involve lots of chilling. I won't be doing that Voyager Challenge thing in Elite, I've not actually been in game for a couple of weeks. Elite is like that with me, a bit hot and cold. I feel as if I've done all I want to in the game except for grinding the rank to get to the best ship.

There's an operative word there : "Grind". When a game becomes more of a job than what you do at work all day, it's time to walk away from the non fun game and find something more fun to do.

Nanoblocks ? Perhaps. I still have a bunch of nanopokemon to put together. Not tonight though.

Computer weirdness - it's been stable for a couple of weeks now. I was worried ... due to a couple of hard crashes (where it just stops responding and a buzz comes out of the speakers - something even more drastic than the Blue Screen Of Death). But it's been ok. It's weird though with things like watching game streams, where I have to stop it doing the science sums or the stream breaks up. The science sums run at a lower priority, so the machine does what you want it to do taking resources away from the sums. You normally don't notice it running although it does get in the way of the games a bit. I usually remember to turn it off before embarking on a games session.

What have I been playing ? As well as From The Depths (the Typo 0 will be a Thing next week. Yep. An Ugly Thing probably !) there has been Darkest Dungeon. It's one of those games that scores with gameplay over anything else. It's another brutal game ... You take 4 heroes into a dungeon where it's getting darker and darker. If you run out of torches ... the monsters get very tough, although your heroes (anti-heroes?) punch harder too.

Character death comes quickly in this one. I've lost 3 so far in this play through as I'm learning what they can do. Oh and my Vestal decided to go on a drunken bender that saw her absent without leave for 3 weeks.

Yep. It happens. Shoulda send her to the cloisters instead. She wouldn't have gotten syphilis there !

And now you're giving me the Really Strange Looks.

Yep. Darkest Dungeon, I recommend it. The stronger games for me are the ones that tell a story of their own. A story that can be different with every play through. In this one, instead of you being herded down a linear story so straight it might as well be a book, the overriding story is a light part. The true story is the one your heroes are going through. It's good when the games throw you unexpected events. It makes them different, makes them interesting, makes you come back for more playthroughs.

I need to restart the Alphabet of the Human Heart posts. I haven't forgotten those and it's a lovely book and one of the best, most thoughtful presents I've had for a while.

I have more plans for Comic Con ! Perhaps a stop off in part of London after instead of heading straight back. That would be real good. Long day ? Yep. But definitely worth it. Still no clues on the potential cosplay outside of acquiring a black DJ, a bowtie and pretending to be James Bond.

Come on. Every boy wanted to be James Bond at some point in their life.

I had the model Lotus Esprit carsub too. Wonder where that went ?

Computers ? I saw a story that said that retail sales of PCs is in severe trouble at the moment because the free Windows 10 (which I am holding off on*). And if they have lots of stock, that means they're cheap ... Could mean I could upgrade this one for pennies.

*(this language has changed, I am now contemplating Win10 instead of keeping it at bargepole length)

Except when you look at it. In the last few months, I've changed Power Supply, Graphics, Sound, I should have put a new hard disc in too. All that's left is the mainboard and processor, which are only a couple of generations old. If you get a retail machine, it's likely to be using sub par components and they're usually not upgradeable.

I'm better sticking with what I have. The processor is ageing but the rest of it is real good, especially with a modern graphics card pushing pixels around.

Plans ?

Allegiant is likely to be Wednesday. I don't see anything interfering with that at the moment.
PIZZA ! Friday. Maybe. Depends what I get up to in town on Friday pm. I may well disappear back home again and collapse in a heap.

But if anyone has plans they'd like me to be involved in, you know I'd jump up and say Where to ? :-). Especially if Easter Eggs are involved. I have one of those tempting me in the kitchen cupboard that needs to be passed on to someone.

How to refer to people ? Seen a few things about this lately. I like to call ladies as I see them : Pretty Lady or for the seldom few : Very Pretty Lady. You may not think it yourself but there's that Eye of the Beholder thing. All women are gorgeous. Some just don't realise it. Saying that though, my mind always goes back to pulling certain pictures of one special lady out of my head.

It's sad though. Some people take it the wrong way. I saw a comment on the Register by a particularly anti-fun feminist that basically said that any kind of advance is sexual harassment. I bet they'd report anyone who held the door for them too. That's really sad. I smile at everyone equally, I hold the door for everyone. Gender is irrelevant there.

That said though - there is a point to the gender politics. It's not equal. And it should be. I know women who are really smart and know what they're up to, they get ignored or their ideas get overriden by idiocy coming from other areas. That's wrong. Especially when the ideas were dismissed "because she's a woman". I've heard that from colleagues and despaired for them. All sides of it, the bigoted scumbag, the project that doesn't go the optimal way and the woman who will think twice the next time before bringing forward the great ideas.

I'm fairly careful with how I interact with people. I like to have an idea of how they will react. That has made me inhibited in the past, perhaps still inhibited now. I've heard some comments that people think I'm flirting when I'm just trying to get a chuckle out of someone.

Is that flirting when there is no further intention behind it ? Perhaps how the gender politics end up getting silly. No. There's more to it than that and Bad Touching is just one example of what should not happen.

Gosh - this was supposed to be random stuff ! (Ed - yep. Pretty random. Objective achieved).

Closing thought - be good to each other.
And I've been typing so long that my speakers just did the biddly-boop noise they make when shutting down due to not being used for too long.

More noise required !

Next week off work should be good and I definitely want to have as many excuses as I can get to escape the confines of the house and Do Stuff.

PS How could I forget ! It's International Pi Day. The only one there will be in our lifetimes seeing as the numbers won't like up again until the year 4159.

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