Monday, March 21, 2016

Aaaaand ... break time

I have holiday time !

Feels like I've really needed it. The signs I usually get that tiredness and fatigue are creeping up on me is an inability to recognise which day it is. Not a sense of general befuddlement, more having to look up the calendar to check the day of the week. Sounds odd doesn't it ? Maybe.

I feel the tiredness creeping up too when I start looking to do things. I usually react unconsciously to that by becoming perhaps a little bit hyper ? Bit like my body realising it needs to do stuff and clicking up a few gears to allow me to do it.

The really daft thing is that my body hasn't been letting me recover from when it clicks up the gears. I can be nigh on dead on my feet in the evening not wanting to do much more than enjoy watching the gaming videos and livestreams but when I go to bed, that's when the insomnia will strike. I think that's getting better though.

So this week will primarily be about catching up on that energy deficit ahead of perhaps a few busy months.
I could do with more cushions.

(An Ikea run isn't one of the things I have in mind, although a new sofa wouldn't go amiss)

Intentions for this week ?

Well so far I've enjoyed :
Saturday was sport. England unexpectedly got a massive result in the cricket with a win against South Africa. Impressive stuff, great to watch before settling in to watch the Six Nations climax with England again winning in a bit more style than against Wales the other week where they tried to give it away in the last minutes of the game. Oh and watching the HeyChrissa livestream where she did part 1 of a Dead Space 2 playthrough.

I've played a little of Dead Space 1 but ... it really wasn't my game. It's all about the jump scare and to be honest, I find those more annoying than exciting.

This is where I admit to being distracted on Saturday by what could perhaps be described as an Elite bender ... I think it may have been 10 hours in the game ... Oops. The current target in that game is the Imperial Cutter, biggest ship in the game.
The Imperial ships are very nicely themed with organic lines. Very pretty. For an internet spaceship.
That's me looking out at my current ship, a pretty spiky Python set up as an armed trader which so far, has turned the tables on every pirate that has tried to stop it.

Yep. Pretty game. Hadn't been back in for a little while but ended up having a big long session on Saturday. To get the Cutter, I need to get my character a few more ranks in the navy. I got from 40% to 65% through Viscount and need to get through Count, Earl and Marquis before getting the Duke rank that lets me get the big ship. To get the rank, you need to run missions. I've been trying to figure out what gets you the most rank.

Donation missions - seem to be the quickest, most effective. But they're rare.
One stop trading - are what I'm doing most of. Ferrying cargo from one place to another, finding cargo to deliver. It keeps me interested in the game by having me visit multiple new places.
Multi stop trading - didn't seem to do much for the rank progression and was hassle. I won't be doing any more of these.
Smuggling - these get you several percentage points (at Viscount) at a time. I'll be doing lots of these. But they are inconsistent, if you smuggle the wrong things it doesn't give you any progress towards the next rank.

Yep. Kept me interested in the game enough to do a tonne of missions and stay in until they were all done. Not sure when I'll be back in there though. I definitely won't be doing that Voyager challenge run this time.

Did I do any gaming yesterday ? Nah. Managed to avoid it. I was watching what was actually a pretty darn good motor race in the Grand Prix. (And built a Lego Y-Wing later!). Talking about the motor racing is one thing I'm going to do sometime. (Stop ! I hear the yawns already ...)

Yeah, it was actually a pretty decent race. What you look for in sport (hell, all types of entertainment) is unpredictability. Cricket gives you that on every ball. Motor racing suffers because it tends to degenerate into a procession where no one can overtake. It actually did for significant amounts of Sunday's race but there was enough incident (thankfully Alonso and Gutierrez are ok after a horror crash!) to keep most of the result in doubt.

You'd think that would be the same for what I watched on Friday too ... London Has Fallen seemed to be a waste of a cinema ticket (I'll wait and catch it free-ish off Skymovies) but I did watch Fast and Furious 7 in the evening. Dull. Very dull. It's a shame they have flogged this franchise well beyond its sell by date because the original was a pretty decent action car movie.

At some point this week, I'll be watching Man Of Steel ahead of the Batman vs Superman movie coming out. I thought Christian Bale was one of the best Batmen, hopefully Ben Affleck won't ruin it.

Today saw me heading out to get supplies in. Tis hungry work relaxing !

Especially when there is Lemon Sherbet flavoured popcorn in the shop and none in my cupboards. I saw that look of "EEooo" ! Don't knock it until you've tried it. But then again, I am a fan of Lemon Sherbet.

What was odd though, no Mini Eggs ! I suspect they have sold out even on the Monday before Easter.

I better sign off now. I'm hoping for a chilled out relaxing week. I may raid Book Barn at some point ? Would be better with a friend in tow to encourage to buy books. There's that motivation thing again I mentioned up top. I'll go up those gears in order to keep people company.

Yep. Sleepy times now, time to rest, recover, heal more ! (my outsides are sooo close now to being fixed)

Oh and I had a Thought ... I nearly built the Lego Y-Wing during the Grand Prix, actually built it afterwards. There's a Le Mans 24 hour coming up and a simple fighter won't take up much of that. Anyone want to get me a Lego Death Star ? Hmm ? Lego Star Destroyer would do nicely too.

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