Saturday, March 26, 2016

BEHOLD ! The Great Ship Typo 0

Here we go.

Not much to look at but it is a genuine trimaran and I got the bow pretty much as I wanted it. Just needed a flag to put on the two blocks making up the pointy bit.

I'm not going to do much more in this game but I did want to make a (barely!) functional ship before putting it away for a while. It's in alpha at the moment, which means it isn't complete yet. It's very promising, which is why I wanted to support the developer by picking it up in the Steam winter sale. I think it'll get a huge amount better too and I really enjoy watching the EnterElysium and Aavak videos about it. But ...

I'm not getting on with the camera or the build controls. You move the camera around with the usual WASD plus alt and space to go up and down. But ... they change orientation according to how the mouse points the camera. Plus I couldn't find the 1x1x1 cube to fill in the little gaps.

Perhaps I've been a bit spoiled after the real world building block thingys ?
He's the latest of the NanoMon and arrived the other night while watching a HeyChrissa stream. I don't think that's something that will change any time soon, I'm still enjoying watching other people play games like From The Depths and various more, than playing them myself.

Bit weird that isn't it. Perhaps I'm missing the days of the old World of Warcraft (before the guilds started splintering under the weight of end game raiding pressures) when there were a bunch of us together having fun with the game and how we all reacted to it.

That said, I have the England cricket on at the moment and there is a little voice inside saying "Your outsides are nearly all healed now ... you could play again !". Nope. It hurt a lot after the first few games when I was a kid, I would not look forward to the hurties now considering :

It's cold out there still !
I have no muscle conditioning at all at the moment;
My hip is not at all healthy;
My reactions are apparently shot;
I don't think I could give the team what they need.

It's been a quiet week off, which is exactly what I wanted and needed. Most days have had the mornings spent watching the cricket. It's the Twenty20 World Cup at the moment, so lots of matches and a fair few have had nailbiting finishes. A good number of games have had the results in doubt right up to the final ball. It could have gone loss, win or extra time. At the moment, England are having a nice little revival with Buttler and Captain Morgan giving the fielders a run around.

And then the evenings have been either gaming on my own (3 have arrived in the GoG sale and Battlefleet Gothic might join them !) or enjoying watching the gaming livestreams. I've watched Man Of Steel again ahead of watching Batman vs Superman, probably on Friday next week after the crowds settle down.

Are superhero movies starting their wane where the inspiration and production is becoming a bit wearing ? Deadpool was better than I expected. The Captain America Civil War movie has my hopes up for it being better than the last very tired Avengers movie. Hopefully we'll see the return of space scifi movies and series soon. Killjoys and Dark Matter are definitely right up there with the best.

Jos Buttler is definitely acting the superhero part at the moment with his batting. They're definitely having better conditions out there (Indian subcontinent) than here, I just looked outside and we have sideways rain that is putting a (literal) dampener on the pizza cravings I've been having.

Time for me to hit Publish now I think !

May you have a great Easter break with many chocolate eggs. It took a bit too long for me to build the Typo 0 this afternoon so my egg is still waiting for me. (Too late now, trying to cut down on all my snacking)

And I think it may not be pizza to go with easter eggs for afters, it's looking like weather for ducks with brollies out there ...

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