Sunday, August 02, 2015

Things That Make Me Happy

Been struggling for Good ideas for posts lately and by Good I mean happy theme posts instead of BEWARE THIS DANGER type posts.

And then I saw ...
Perfect !

But before I dive in to that, yeah - been struggling for post ideas. You don't (at least this is what I think!) want to hear about my adventures in virtual worlds. I watch a lot of Youtube gaming videos which gives me an idea of what's interesting and ... Elite doesn't make for interesting watching. It makes for interesting playing (for me!) but you have to filter heavily what you talk about with it. That's like ... new ships, trading routes (yawn), helping with community goals, getting promotions.

Oh and the Cookie Clipper finally has a suitable name since coming out of mothballs ... She's been rebadged "These Aren't The Cookies You're Looking For". I bet R2 approves from his galaxy far, far away. I wonder if I should call the Space Truck "Centennial Sloth" because of all the special modifications.

Good things ?

Music. Definitely music. I've been listening to 4 new albums lately as I do that thing of listening to individual tracks first before the album to check them out.

Taylor Swift - Red. Great album. Has some excellent tracks. She just keeps giving us great music, long may it continue.
Lucy Rose - Work It Out. Another top album, it's even better than her first.
Steve Gregan's soundtrack for Guild Of Dungeoneering. Has the great mini song tracks that give the game a lot of its charm. Mostly background music though.
Scott Bradley's Post Modern Jukebox. Nah. Won't get any more from these. They have a certain style. Some of their covers are as good, if different, some of their covers (Living on a Prayer) butcher the original. But I don't regret buying it as you have to form your own opinions on these.

And then there's also an excellently boppy Working Girl from Little Boots and more excellence from Taylor Swift with 1969. There's a tonne of great music out there to listen to. Especially if England foil your plans of listening to the cricket on the way home by finishing the game early. Great stuff our boys :-).

Cute pets !
There he is again, our Ben with tail a-wag as per usual. I think that tail wags in his sleep.

Pizza. Oh pizza how I love you and hate you at the same time. I have to pick my moments with pizza, it adds inches to my waist and the acid I make from the cheese makes it tough to sleep but ... it's pizza and I shall love it always. It's just that good.
Computers can be tough to love but they do give us much more contact with the outside world than we would have had before. Hey, maybe we would have been propping up bars to meet people instead of seeing who we see over the bytes and bits.

And then there's the games (some awesome, some poor, some incredibly frustrating due to interminable bugs) and the variation and portability the computer gives me with my music. I listen to far more variety now than before due to those soft rules I have for picking the next album that I'll queue up. Next is Moby's Play, which I'd have mostly ignored without those soft rules but ... it's still a great occasional listen.

Coffee. Coffee is life. And I haven't had any since Thursday. Roughly 4.30 pm I believe. Yep. If you can remember hours without coffee, that's probably a sign of a teensy, weensy touch of addiction.
That kettle is going on right after I hit that Publish button.

Last and most important is that You.

Yes. You. You reading this right now. You're awesome.
It gives me a massive lift seeing the hits coming in here from ... everyone ! But that'd be the regulars in particular. It reminds me that there are great people out there looking after me, looking out for me, being interested in what I write, what I'm doing, where I'm going.

And then there's also the people who make closer interaction than that. Those who hit the Facebook Poke button, those who bounce the messages over to me, people who assure me through regular contact that I'm a part of their lives, people who I help or help me during work. Perhaps that jester on the shoulder part of their life but if I make one person smile or chuckle or laugh in a day, that's a good day.

We can't live this life on our own, it gets supremely better when there are other people around to make you happy, or for you to make happy by making jokes for them or just even being around to be part of their lives too.

See if you can make someone else happy today ?

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